January 9, 2011

Goodbye, Johnsons

Our dear friends are moving this week, so we hosted a going-away party for them tonight. We're SO sad the Johnsons are leaving; there will be a missing family in our community group, our church, and our circle of friends. And, the July Boys will be separated!

We had a great party tonight with no one wanting to leave and say the final goodbye. Most of the men sat around watching the kids play with Hamilton's toys.
We women congregated around the kitchen table, chatting over wine and punch.
Hamilton did fairly well at sharing his toys with all the partying kids. However, Grady took an interest in the train-repair shop. Though Hamilton has never spent much time with that toy, though he loves the train that came with it, he hounded Grady telling him "no" and pulling at his clothes. Grady smartly eluded Hamilton's attempts to recover the now-popular toy.
Grady put on a little show for everyone when he stood on the coffee table and showed his belly--to many cheers and chants from the adults. Hamilton knows he's not allowed to stand on the table, and I love how in this shot he's eyeing Grady just waiting to hear the reprimand for Grady's rule-breaking.

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