February 23, 2010

Dialing 1

Some of you received a phone call last night from Claire, as she was completing a survey for her homework. She asked simple questions like, "Did you eat breakfast today?" and "Did you read a book during the last month?" While she was debating and deciding whom to call, I looked up the participants' phone numbers. I coached her just a bit on how to tell her participants what she was doing. Then I gave her everyone's phone numbers, instructing her on how to dial with my phone. One of the things I said was that she didn't need to worry about dialing 1. Claire questioned, "What do you mean I don't have to worry about dialing 1?"

"Uh, oh, don't worry about it. Never mind," I said. Mr. Morgan and I enjoyed a chuckle, reminiscing about days of home phones and long-distance charges. We laughed at how we'd turned into our parents, talking about "the way things were in our day."

Confused, Claire asked, "What's so funny?"

February 16, 2010


Hamilton's leg strength is improving ever since we started practicing, and now he can stand without help--though supervision can never be far away, for he will not stay standing for long. However, he cannot pull himself up, nor is he even trying to. He stands up well if he has something to grab on to, like the coffee-table tray.

Daddy's Scratchy Face

Hamilton enjoys touching and tugging at Mr. Morgan's beard almost as much as Mr. Morgan enjoys scratching the little one with said beard under the guise of giving kisses.

February 15, 2010


Last year Claire came home from school talking about global warming, and I told her it was a hoax. She promptly asked, "What's a hoax?"

This is a school that mentions nothing about 9/11 on its anniversary year after year, but the school's got global warming covered. Now the scientist whose research is "crucial to the theory of climate change" has "conceded the possibility that the world was warmer in medieval times than now--suggesting global warming may not be a man-made phenomenon." The media in the U.S. have not picked up this story yet, so read the article in the U.K.'s Daily Mail.

February 13, 2010

Freak Snow

I was SO skeptical yesterday that we'd actually get any snow--much less the several inches that were predicted. Yet last night it started snowing! It snowed big flakes, and accumulation was almost immediate. The snow started melting immediately this morning, so I trudged outside in my robe and slippers to get a shot of our house covered in snow.Our neighborhood looked sweet covered by snow, which the kids a few doors down happily and noisily enjoyed this morning.

Invention Convention

Wednesday evening Mr. Morgan and I went to Claire's school for her SAIL class's Invention Convention. Basically, her invention is a cover for a toaster oven that prevents a user from getting burned from the outside, hot-to-the-touch spots. Claire spent the last three months working on this invention, and she was so excited to be finished--we were too! I was proud of her for working so hard, though she was disappointed to not win any of the awards.

Part of her assignment was to give her invention a clever name: Claire called her invention a Cool, Toaster Oven. She explained to me, "It's called 'cool' because people will think it's really neat, and 'cool' because it'll keep the hot toaster oven cool on the outside."

February 10, 2010

My Sweet Husband

After a meeting at church on Monday night, I returned to find my busy husband surrounded by laundry downstairs. He was ironing and watching The Bachelor--"to keep me updated on the show." He had not only cleaned the dishes after dinner, but he had also continued the laundry, including the folding and the ironing. What a gem.

February 9, 2010

Sitting Up

On Monday I was finally able to sit Hamilton in front of this fun toy (a hand-me-down from the Kochs), and he stayed sitting up and playing with it all by himself. He loves this little stand that plays music, lights up, and makes noise. I had the Boppy surrounding him, so when he inevitably fell backwards, he had a cushion.
He seemed so proud of himself.

More Birthday

Sunday night a few friends came over for an oyster roast and the Superbowl. Eventually we put most of the kiddos to bed and girl talk on the couch began.
Hardee brought a delicious birthday cake to help us celebrate; everyone even sang to me.
Claire was excited to watch the Superbowl commercials which she recorded with her camera. She tried to rope Christie and then me into continuing to record the commercials after she had to go to bed--neither of us was willing. No word yet from Claire on what she plans to do with the footage.Hamilton and Arthur spent the first part of the evening playing with the toys. Arthur is sensitive to Hamilton's loud outbursts of talking and screeching, especially if directed at him.The oysters were a big hit for the few oyster lovers in the group. Claire even tried a few oysters, though she told me the next day that she didn't like oysters as much as she used to.

Birthday in Myrtle Beach

We picked Claire up from school on Friday afternoon and headed to Myrtle Beach to catch up with Dale, Deb, and Travis. We enjoyed dinner on Friday night followed by homemade strawberry cupcakes and Blue Bell vanilla ice cream in the hotel suite. Everyone had brought great gifts for me, and we had fun catching up.

Saturday morning we swam in the heated pools at the hotel. Hamilton had never been swimming before, and he loved it.
Later that afternoon we walked on the beach after we were appropriately bundled for the whipping winds and cold air. Claire had been itching all weekend to look through all the shells littering the beach. She found some treasures in just a few minutes of walking, and she was satisfied--the rest of us were nearly frozen.

February 6, 2010

Seven Months Old

Well, I missed posting Hamilton's usual month-birthday picture. We left Friday afternoon for Myrtle Beach, and I was super busy on Friday getting the family ready to go. Pictures from the trip will have to do.Hamilton was seven months old on Friday. I'm hopeful to see him making his first signs soon; he already recognizes several. I think he may have done the "food" sign a few times, but it's hard to tell--he tends to put his fingers in and around his mouth all the time regardless of whether he's actually hungry or not.

He's getting stronger every day: He can stand on his legs with help now. Considering just a few weeks ago he couldn't put all his weight on them, he's doing well standing on his "strong legs," which is what I say to encourage him. However, he also has weak knees, so I don't think he'll be walking anytime soon--and we're thankful!

He also does hip thrusts when he's lying on his back. He must remember all the Pilates moves I did while he was in utero. He's so close to flipping from back to belly, though I'm sure he won't like being on his belly even if he put himself in that position.

He's still loving all solid foods I feed him, and sometimes he scrunches his nose and face when he wants another bite. It's cute, though I'm still trying to capture this look on video.

Abby Visits

Last weekend Abby Koch came to stay with us for several hours on Saturday while Bryce and Tiffany went to see the Bold Fresh Tour. Abby loves playing at our house, and she even remembers the stuffed animals that live here--her favorite is Mr. Waddles.

Abby usually likes "Ba'y Hamil'n," and Hamilton is obviously taken with Abby. While Mr. Morgan was reading them a Dr. Seuss classic, Hamilton kept grabbing for Abby's arm. After she'd removed her arm from his grasp several times only to have Hamilton's little paw come back for more, she shooed his hand more strongly, saying, "Don't touch me."
While Hamilton was napping, Abby and Mr. Morgan decorated sugar cookies. Though I encouraged Abby to use only a few red-hots per cookie, she decided the tree cookie needed many.

February 2, 2010

So Excited!

The Lost premiere starts in less than 22 minutes!

Supper Talk

Yesterday afternoon Claire was setting the table when she asked about what we were going to have for dinner. I replied, "Pasta with sausage and broccoli," pointing her to the fridge where the recipe hung, "and a salad."

"Any other 'sidings'?" Claire asked.

"What?" I asked, wondering if I'd heard her correctly.

Explaining further, she said, "You know how sometimes we have chicken and green beans and, like, black-eye peas--well, are there any other 'sidings' tonight?"