December 28, 2009

Christmas Partying

The Johnsons threw a fun Christmas party the other week, inviting folks in our small group plus other friends. The womenfolk congregated in the kitchen at first, especially since Christie was making everyone candy-cane cocktails. Enjoying the delicious holiday-themed drinks, here are a few of the women (from left): me, Jenny, Morgan, Hardee, Christie, and Christy.Hamilton and Arthur Johnson are great friends, despite what may look like Arthur's biting Hamilton's fingers or Hamilton's clawing at Arthur's mouth.Under the tree for picture time, both boys get a little payback.Posed under the tree, here are the boys from small group (from left): Grady, Hamilton, Arthur, and West. Hamilton is wearing his cutest Christmas outfit that his Mimi gave him. Mr. Morgan was not a huge fan of the sweet collar and delicate smocking, but I assured him that even boys wear these sorts of outfits when they're little.

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