January 30, 2011


Part of January Reflections '11

I like to think I’m a grateful person; however, I know I’m not thankful enough for all the blessings that God has given to me in my life. As for a list of 50 things for which I could thank God, I chose to make a specific list of sometimes-small-seeming things that affect my daily life. Everybody’s thankful for their spouses, their kids, and health. And, as Christians we are thankful for Jesus, the cross, salvation, God’s sovereignty, etc. But my list would have been MUCH longer if I’d included all those big, substantial, world-altering things.

Here’s my list of things to thank God for—in no particular order:

1. Cute maternity clothes that allow me to enjoy being pregnant.
2. Delightful, talented ladies in my writers’ group who encourage me in my writing.
3. Fellow bloggers who inspire new ideas for my blog.
4. Chocolate ice cream in a tumbler with milk that ends my day in a sweet way.
5. Dark-chocolate-covered pretzels which serve as an afternoon snack.
6. Fioona our robotic vacuum cleaner that helps keep the Fatty hair to a minimum.
7. A comfy, new recliner which replaced the eyesore.
8. Friday morning women’s Bible study that keeps me studying God’s Word during the week.
9. Sweet, caring babysitters at Bible study who give me time away from Hamilton.
10. Hamilton’s love for “school” which makes me happy to drop him off.
11. My pink BlackBerry that allows me to send emails away from my laptop.
12. My handy husband who keeps our cars and house in tip-top shape.
13. Kids Place Live on XM radio that keeps Hamilton content in the car.
14. A mother-in-law who’s been so encouraging regarding my blog.
15. Helpful, talented parents who love to visit and work on household projects.
16. Delicious, frozen pizzas that make a quick meal easy.
17. Panera Bread’s sausage-egg-and-cheese breakfast-sandwiches on ciabatta bread.
18. Arby’s Beef ‘n’ Cheddar sandwiches for those early pregnancy days when nothing else tastes good.
19. Instant, friendly connections with moms of other one-year-olds.
20. Claire’s love for the piano and her increasing desire to practice.
21. My newly resoled, brown boots that make me feel warm and fashionable.
22. Free wireless access at Atlanta Bread Company and Panera Bread, two places I frequent regularly.
23. My husband's uncanny knack for researching and learning about any and all topics.
24. A good-paying job that my husband not only excels in but also loves.
25. Chai lattes with soy milk from Starbucks.
26. A high-capacity washer and dryer that help shorten laundry day.
27. Hamilton’s love of music and penchant for dancing that makes me smile every time.
28. My new camera that makes taking pictures fun and more worthwhile.
29. Tomato soup from just about anywhere.
30. Dining out without the kids.
31. Facebook’s keeping me informed about friends’ lives almost immediately.
32. My husband's unparalleled help in the kitchen with food prep and dirty dishes.
33. Appreciative, hungry bellies in my family that eat and enjoy just about anything I attempt to cook.
34. Refreshing, delicious water straight from the tap of our kitchen.
35. A fenced-in backyard where Hamilton can play with minimal supervision.
36. My mom’s celebrating of all holidays with small, cutely wrapped gifts, which now my children get to enjoy.
37. My brother’s incredible knack for finding a perfect gift for anybody on any occasion.
38. Community Thrift Store’s ever-rotating stock of gently used clothing and furniture.
39. A capable husband to watch the kiddos when I’m enjoying girl time.
40. Top-notch music at church that aids my worship each Sunday.
41. Cute bed-and-breakfast inns that make vacations seem cozy and wonderful.
42. Netflix streaming in HD and Blu-ray discs that conveniently come in the mail.
43. Bonding and laughing hysterically with my family while playing board games.
44. Timely advice and funny stories from other moms of toddlers.
45. A comfortable bed with clean sheets and a warm down comorter.
46. Hoodies with zippers, front pockets, and deep hoods.
47. Comforting presence of the dogs on nights when I’m home alone.
48. Tiny hands and feet that bump my belly from the inside especially in the evenings.
49. Trendy, comfortable shoes without heels.
50. Free, picked-up-on-the-side-of-the- road furniture that only needs imagination, elbow grease, and a little investment.

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