April 29, 2012

Our Birthday Boy

Yesterday our baby turned one! I've decided we can't call him "Baby" or "Baby C" anymore, since he's not a baby--and who wants that nickname anyway? Our Saturday was ordinary, but the boys did enjoy week-old birthday cake after dinner. Most of our celebrating was done last weekend when our families were in town for Collier's baptism. Of course he wore the same gown that Hamilton wore.
We shared the day with another family at church who were having their little guy baptized, too.
How special and sweet it was to have our church family praying for Collier.
Pastor Craig walked Collier up and down the aisle for the church family to get a better look.
Our families joined us for Sunday lunch, though we saved birthday cake and ice cream for after the boys' naps.
We created a cow cake for Collier using this idea.
Collier loved the ice cream and cake; I'm sure he cried when they were gone. He usually does.
The birthday boy was covered in chocolate icing.
After the sweets, Hamilton helped open Collier's gifts. Collier loved walking behind this brightly colored, wheeled toy.
Last night the boys and I had a small celebration with Hamilton's singing "Happy Birfanks" to Collier. (Mr. Morgan was driving back from a men's retreat in Atlanta; he arrived at bedtime for hugs and kisses.)
Both boys wanted more cake than they were given--even after I gave a not-normal second helping, so I could take pictures.
Hamilton's singing is hard to hear on this video unless your volume is loud. But "birfanks" is what he's singing with an "Amen" at the end. And I love how Collier is so good and quick at eating--especially delicious birthday cake!

April 26, 2012

Collier's Water Table

I'll post about Collier's early birthday celebration soon, but yesterday I snapped some cute pictures of the boys playing with the water table that Mimi and Pops gave to Collier for his birthday. Collier loves it! (Of course, Hamilton does, too, and he's asked more than once, "Dis my water table?")
He's in mid-shout/squeal during this shot.
I love this little face he makes, as he cuts his eyes so mischievously.
Collier doesn't mind wet clothes; however, one splash and Hamilton's stripping down.

April 24, 2012

Easter Leftovers

I'm so belated in posting these Easter pictures, but at least we're still in the same month. We celebrated Easter at Cornerstone with Mom, Dad, Travis, and Cheri. According to tradition, we took lots of pictures following the service of the little kids in their Easter best. Moms were included because, otherwise, there would have been more mayhem.
Last year during this month, we girls were all having these precious babies; here's the photo of all our bellies at Christmas (2010). We attempted a shot with us mamas and youngest babes. As you can imagine, all of my pictures did not turn out with my child cooperating by calming sitting in my arms and my best smile on. But it's my blog, so I'll post the picture in which my child is behaving appropriately. (Bonnie, I had several shots where I was rearranging Collier, too.)
Travis and Cheri counted as "kids," so they obliged a picture as well.
The Morgan family so rarely gets a decent shot of all five of us especially in nice clothes, so we took advantage of the occasion.
Let's be honest: Most of our photos look like this!

April 18, 2012

Egg Hunts

Hamilton and Collier had multiple opportunities to participate in egg hunts this year. Amanda and I took the boys and baby Emory to the egg hunt on the Air Force base; then we had a picnic at the park, so the boys could play at the playground. Hamilton's jon-jon from last year with the smocked bunny still fit him, so we got another year of wear out of it. (I'm not sure it's appropriate to dress little boys in bunnies if it's not Easter time. I'm sure Mr. Morgan would wonder, Is it ever appropriate?)
There wasn't much "hunting" for these eggs, but Hamilton and Grady seemed to love it, especially once Hamilton realized there was candy inside each egg.
Here's Hamilton's picking up eggs and getting wise to the candy inside.

After the hunt, Hamilton and Grady examined their spoils and gave back the eggs. (Yes, I still had Hamilton using the Halloween basket, but I did at least pin a colored paper egg over the pumpkin.)
The big boys stood still long enough for a picture of everyone together, and Collier didn't seem to mind just watching the action from his stroller.
In Mountville we went to another egg hunt on a beautiful day where the eggs were a bit more hidden with at least pine straw and shrubs to look around. All the kids looked so cute in their Easter finery.
For some reason Hamilton latched onto this little girl's arm before the start of the hunt.
Off he went hunting for the eggs, looking like such a big boy!
Uncle Travis helped a bit.
The sandpile in the shade was Hamilton's favorite place to play after the hunt.
My boys jumped in on the picture of the Watts grandkids. Collier enjoyed watching Dolly (beside him) who was born just a few weeks ahead of him.
Hamilton loved the Fred-Flintstone car and wanted to take his brother for a ride.

Palm Sunday

I realize this post isn't timely; however, the pictures and video are too cute not to share. For Palm Sunday we enjoyed the children's singing at the beginning of the worship service. Hamilton and his friends headed over beforehand to practice in hopes that they'd be comfortable enough with the stage to actually sing once the pews were packed. The boys walked over hand-in-hand.
Hamilton did sing a bit during practice, though I was still skeptical of his participation during the worship service.
These three boys are such best buds; they elected to hold hands while leaving the sanctuary after practice.
I put Hamilton's little jacket on him for the singing during the service. He participated a little until he and West decided they'd better sit down for the last song.
Here's a video of their singing during practice; Hamilton didn't sing much more during the service.

Hamilton's outfit was Travis's when he was a little boy, so I wanted a shot of them together. Travis and Cheri were in town for the bridge run, so they joined us at Redeemer and I got my photo. Mom made the cute trousers and jacket so many years ago. Mr. Morgan said Hamilton looked like a Von Trapp child.
Hamilton found a yummy cupcake that the college students were giving away for donations. He quickly wolfed it down, and I had to write a check.
Hamilton loves "Mih Druid" who leads the kids in such sweet songs.

So Much

Several weeks ago my friend Kelly and I were saying how we hoped we'd hear soon from our mutual, though out-of-town, friend who often goes "off the radar" for months at a time. Kelly wisely declared that perhaps our friend thinks, Oh there's so much to tell them about and catch up on since we last talked. It'll take forever; I'm exhausted just thinking of talking to either of them. So she doesn't call. Really, we just want to talk to her, hear her voice--even if it's brief.

I realized the other day that I was thinking of this blog that way: There's so much to chronicle, so many pictures to post, so much fun stuff to write about--when will I have that much time? Those thoughts were passively hindering my posting to the blog. So I'm trying to break out of that thinking and just post even if I can't catch up totally in my allotted time to write.

April 9, 2012


I have adorable Palm Sunday pictures and videos to post, multiple egg hunt photos to scour, and Easter morning shots to edit. But with this fabulous weather and our rambunctious boys, I've been elsewhere during my blogging time. I have not forgotten about you, dear readers, and I look forward to time to blog later this week. Follow me on Twitter for quick updates and pictures if you're craving more adventures of the wind-blown Morgans in between posts.