January 11, 2011

No Snow for Us

Though much of the South has been blanketed with snow for two days, in Charleston we only had rain and a little ice. Schools were cancelled yesterday, and many area bridges shut down yesterday morning during the worst of the storm. But with a three-hour delay, school was back in session today.

Hamilton and I have stayed inside for the past two days because of the cold, wet weather. He did, however, venture out onto the back porch yesterday afternoon. He'd been relentless about going "outsih, outsih" after his nap, so I bundled him up. He played with his back-porch toys for about five minutes before crying to come in from the cold. Though I'm glad in some ways not to be snowed in, I'm a little envious of my fellow bloggers' pictures of their adorable kiddos making snow angelssledding down the driveway, and playing in their pajamas in the snow.

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