March 30, 2012


While I intend to post a more in-depth look at our potty training adventure, I wanted to share a picture from earlier this week. Hamilton loves to run around the house in his "underoos" and a shirt. And he loves to play trains on the elaborate tracks I construct for him. Because Collier's so mobile now, we usually set up a big train-track design while he's sleeping. Otherwise, the scene is maddening--for all of us.
At church this morning, Hamilton's pants, socks, and shoes got wet while using the "big potty." (There should be a barrier for the sliver of space between the toilet seat and the bowl.) So hunting for eggs was great fun in his favorite outfit. (Yes, his current "basket" is left over from Halloween.)

March 21, 2012

Trike-A-Thon 2012

Hamilton loved the trike-a-thon last week, and he was still talking about it this morning as we got ready for school. He thinks every day should be trike-a-thon day.

Hamilton proudly wore his trike-a-thon shirt from last year which he earned from getting many sponsors. He's so fast on his Scoot 'n' Zoom now, but he really wanted to ride some of the other kids' bikes and tricycles at the start of the event.
The course was a big loop for the kids to follow, but Hamilton saw me on the sidelines and wanted to stop after his first lap. So I got a few pictures, then encouraged him to ride around again.
Hamilton's tongue is out in most of my pictures of his scooting around when he was concentrating really hard and trying to go really fast.
Collier sat over on the sidelines watching, and it looks like he's flashing the "loser L" sign at Hamilton as he passes. Sibling rivalry has started early in the Morgan household.
West and Hamilton raced around the loop.
Hamilton really wanted to ride on Grady's tricycle.
Grady's mom Amanda was there taking pictures, too. Here are hers. We looked like the "mamrazzi" with our DSLRs slung from our necks.
Hamilton rode like the wind--as you can see by his flying hair.
Hamilton and West started playing a pretending game during one of their laps where West would point out some "cookies" that he found on the ground. Hamilton would scoot over to him and pretend to grab some. Then they'd both eat them and laugh. Pretending has become a favorite thing of Hamilton's. If I question some ridiculous notion of his, he says, "I jus' preteening, Mommy."
Here the three boys are about to have a crash.
On the home stretch! With 15 minutes allotted for Hamilton's class to use the loop, the boys went around many times. I was glad to see the end because that was our hottest day we'd had so far at over 80 degrees.
Hamilton's smiling big after his trike-a-thon. Yay for another successful year! Thank you to everyone who so generously donated!

Zoo Birthday

For Travis's 30th birthday nearly two weeks ago, we descended upon Columbia to celebrate with the family. Since Travis loves the zoo (and the little boys do too), we settled for a day at the zoo with a picnic lunch. With Hamilton in and out of the jogging stroller, Collier spent most of the day in the backpack.
We were just in time to see the gorillas be fed. What an awesome view of these great creatures!
Hamilton had a front-row seat for the big gorilla; that's him with his hands out on the glass. Being so close to these creatures was so exciting!
Hamilton spent much of the day pal'ing around with Pops and getting a better view from Pops's shoulders.
I'm not sure if Hamilton actually ever reached out his hand to pet the giraffe, but he did enjoy watching up close--in the safety of Pops's arms.
For our picnic lunch, mom made German-chocolate cupcakes which has long been a tradition on Travis's birthday. Cheri, Travis's girlfriend, spent the day with us, and she was an enormous help with both boys.
Hamilton and Mimi enjoyed the carousel, though Hamilton wanted Mimi to stand closely for most of the ride.
Quickly after lunch, Collier conked out on Cheri who spent much of the day toting him around. I just noticed the drool stains on the backpack carrier where Collier mouthed it all morning.
We thoroughly enjoyed meeting Cheri and getting to know her at our beautiful day at the zoo.
Just before we left, Hamilton and Pops rode the little train.
That's Pops squeezed into the little train car with Hamilton and others.

Free Time

I was reading a Real Simple article last night about a survey they commissioned regarding a woman's free time (in the ten minutes I steal before lights out), and they defined free time as "the time you spend on yourself, where you can choose to do things that you enjoy." So I started thinking about how much "free time" I think I have during a day. Nap time is some "free time" I have; however, I usually spend it doing work for the church that I get paid to do, work for the church I don't get paid to do, or work around the house (that I don't get paid to do). I do many things I enjoy during my days and many things I don't mind doing, but I'm usually not doing them for myself per se. So maybe I don't have as much "free time" as I thought...

I started this post, so I could write about my last weeks that have been busy and full: our fun trip to the zoo for Travis's birthday, Hamilton's trike-a-thon at school, the unexpected adventure of potty training, and Collier's rapid growth into new skills. Those posts are to come. I'm enjoying some "free time" this morning while Collier is fitfully sleeping upstairs and Hamilton's at school. So I'm finally able to blog, which is definitely something I enjoy.

March 15, 2012

Trike-A-Thon Success

What a gorgeous day for the trike-a-thon! I took over 250 pictures, so I'll post more later. I just wanted to give an update on this fun event: Hamilton exceeded his goal, so thank you to all you friends and family who generously donated!

March 9, 2012


Last year Hamilton was a top earner at his school's trike-a-thon--thanks to you, readers! Next week is this year's big event, and there will be plenty of pictures again of him riding like the wind on his Scoot 'n' Zoom, which he now calls his "luke-n-goom." Consider sponsoring him to support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
Check out last year's event!

Veggie Tales Live

Tuesday night Hamilton and I had a little date. I took him to see Veggie Tales Live at a local mega-church. We rode in Mr. Morgan's car which is much more intimate because Hamilton's so much closer to me while we're riding. And we had a whole night that was just the two of us! (It was so easy with one kid! I'd forgotten what that was like.) We arrived early to get good seats in the balcony, so Hamilton ate his PB&J dinner while waiting for the show to start.
As more folks started arriving, Hamilton's excitement increased. With kids outnumbering the adults in the auditorium at about 3:1, he knew something exciting was about to happen.
Once the show started, he was mesmerized! The little girl in the background wears the same expression--the universal wonderstruck look.
The music was what we listen to in the car nearly every day, but the lights, costumes, and life-size characters made it so special for Hamilton.
The Veggies are enormous, so even in the balcony Hamilton could see the action. We both loved it!

March 1, 2012

Front Page

Claire's on the front page of the Charleston County School District's website. Her class took a field trip last week to look at some oyster beds, and I'm sure that's what she's surrounded by in the picture. If she's seen it, I'm sure she's totally embarrassed--as most middle-schoolers are by most things! But I think it's pretty cool to be pictured on the front page.