January 23, 2011

Blueberries and Me

Claire wrote this paragraph which I think is so cute. She printed it in a crazy, hard-to-read font, so I've transcribed it below.
If I compared myself to a fruit, I am most like a blueberry. It is very small but has a very strong taste, just as I am tiny, but mighty. I am small, but I have a lot of personality. Blueberries are very fragile and they can bruise very easily. In the same way, I can be hurt very easily and I cry all the time. In fact, the longest time I have gone without crying is one month! Like the blueberry, I am soft in the middle and I get very sad when something bad happens to an animal or any living creature. I like being with other people, just as blueberries grow in bunches. For all these reasons, I am most like the fruit, blueberry.