January 11, 2011

News Sources

Part of January Reflections '11

Mr. Morgan’s favorite, unwind-after-the-workday routine involves sitting in his favorite chair to watch Live 5 News with his tortilla chips and salsa (after a quick hello to us). He watches Live 5 News because their newscast looks the best on our TV, since it’s filmed and broadcast in high-definition and widescreen. I prefer national news outlets (mostly Fox News) to which I listen via satellite radio in my car and in the kitchen. I can barely tolerate local news because most stories are so un-newsworthy. We do discuss interesting or weird news events (both local and national), but Mr. Morgan doesn’t follow or have much interest in political news--which I love. I feed my political-news obsession with National Review Online and The Daily Beast, along with other news sites. Mr. Morgan keeps up with technology news through various blogs like The Consumerist and magazines like Wired and CEPro. He keeps me updated on cutting-edge technologies and cool gadgets that he’s drooling over.

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