May 31, 2011

Enjoying the Beach

Since Mom and Dad came to see Claire's talent-show performance, they stayed a few days to visit with us. Friday we took the boys to the beach. Hamilton's last trip to the beach was before he was walking, so I was eager to see how he enjoyed it being mobile now.

As we slathered on sunscreen and packed our cooler, we told Hamilton we were headed to the beach. He kept saying, "ditch," though he did seem excited about it. He was fascinated by all the people, and we had to keep a close eye on him. He easily wanders off (or runs off) because he's so friendly and unafraid of people.

Once we got Hamilton settled, he loved the water and the sand. He quickly discovered a little boy near us who had some fun-looking sand toys and trucks. The little boy was so sweet to share them with Hamilton.
The little boy was a few years older than Hamilton, and he enjoyed splashing Hamilton with water. After Hamilton looked a little surprised and slightly scared, I gave the little boy a stern, don't-do-that-again look that only a mama can muster.
Hamilton spent lots of time on his hands and knees letting the waves crash into him. Pops was at the ready in case Hamilton ventured too far into the oncoming water. I do enjoy Hamilton's laughing grin in this picture--like he's having the time of his life.
The county park was not renting umbrellas on Friday, which was unfortunate for us with a baby in tow. Dad rigged up a tent out of towels and a beach chair for Collier.

May 29, 2011

Two Talents

Claire showed off two of her talents last Thursday night. She participated in her school's talent show in which she played the piano, and she presented her architecture project with her SAIL class.
When the talent show was advertised to the fifth-graders, Claire immediately wanted to participate. She began working really hard on several pieces including Mozart's Turkish March, The Entertainer, and Minuet in G. Claire plays so easily by ear that a friend taught her the first song, and she learned the second by combining a kids' arrangement from one of her books with the original that's prerecorded on our piano.

Several weeks before the talent show, Claire started learning Minuet in G after she found one of my old books that I played from in high school. I did not play the song for her, nor did she hear a rendition of the tune to my knowledge. She just read the music and taught herself how to play it.

Claire practiced many hours on her pieces, but in the end decided to play only Minuet in G for the talent show.

Architecture has become Claire's newly declared, future profession when she grows up. She said she loved this architecture project because it combined so many of her favorite things--art, math, and science. She and her classmates took a field trip downtown to visit several historic buildings. The students chose which historic building they wanted to build a model of; then they measured the buildings, made exact models on a quarter-inch scale, and made electrical circuits to give the buildings light. Claire chose The Pink House because it's an art gallery today.

One Month Old

Yesterday Collier turned one month old, though I took these pictures just a few days before. He's smiling now which is so sweet. And, he responds to voices especially mine and Mr. Morgan's. I think he's grown a lot in the last few weeks, and we'll get official stats after our visit this week with the doctor. Collier will soon outgrown his newborn clothes, as he continues to eat like a champ.
Collier's also sleeping well with his five naps a day, and most nights he sleeps six hours--and sometimes eight!--before he wakes up for his morning feeding. Those are great mornings because I feel so rested. With the constant buzz of a toddler in the house, I need all the energy I can get.

He's starting to make cooing sounds, which are so precious. His sweet "ahs" are a stark contrast to the glass-shattering squeal he produces when he's hungry or his tummy is upset. Collier has a pensive face that he makes often. His furrowed brow is so funny, for it makes me think he's contemplating deep truths.

May 27, 2011

Hamilton's Last Day

Thursday was Hamilton's last day of "school." It's hard to believe it's been nine months! He's changed so much since last September on his first day.
He looks so old to me with this expression and body language--like we're getting a glimpse at what he'll look like years from now.
Then he quickly went back to looking like a little boy.
UPDATE: Over at the Hardee-Whites' blog, Amanda posted some cute pictures from the boys' party at school on their last day.

Claire's Maypole Dance

Last Friday was Claire's school's annual May Day performance. Last year Claire participated in the drama, but this year as a fifth-grader she danced around the Maypole. Hamilton spent most of his time running around the school grounds with Mr. Morgan and trying to talk to pretty girls.
Claire's Maypole is on the far left. She's paired with a boy in a teal-blue shirt, and she's wearing a white dress.
Claire and the other fifth-graders practiced for months, and she did really well. She was excited about the Maypole dance, and at the end she declared it seemed short. We did not think the performance was too short, however, probably because we sat in the blazing sun on an 85-degree day.

May 24, 2011

Mama's Shoes

Hamilton loves to put on my shoes or Mr. Morgan's and walk around in them. He wears such a satisfied and happy look on his face when he successfully puts on our shoes and walks in them. On Sunday my heels were the shoes he found to walk in.
Just before this video, Hamilton successfully walked around in my heels, so he's greatly distressed when he has trouble walking in "Mama Shoo" now that he's putting them on the wrong feet.

May 23, 2011


Grandma Judy visited during Collier's second week of life, and it was great to have extra help with all the kiddos. Hamilton quickly grew comfortable with Grandma Judy again, and by her second day with us he was cutely calling her "Joo" or "Jee."
Last week was my first week of taking care of both boys by myself each day; things went as smoothly as I could have expected. Adjusting to life with two little ones means smaller snippets of time to myself and less time for necessary, household chores. And, blogging--well, I miss it and I miss having the time to enjoy reading blogs and writing.

I have lots of posts swirling around in my head, and I'm hoping to get to those soon. And, I have lots of ideas for the new look of Morgan Adventures, but they'll take time to accomplish. (A special thanks to Travis for the cool, new header. I love having such a talented graphic designer in the family!)

May 17, 2011

Bedtime Prayers

Hamilton thoroughly enjoys saying his prayers with us before bedtime. Many of his words are nonsense at this point, but most nights he does pray distinctly for Daddy and Sissy. On this particular night, I think I heard him pray for "Bebe Cah" and Mama too. He usually interrupts whoever is praying, so we've just been letting him as we listen to his cute words. Finally, he gives his dramatic "Ah-meh!"

May 15, 2011

Both Boys

After two weeks of living with the baby, Hamilton was actually asking to hold Collier the other day, or at least he was agreeing to instead of saying no and running in the opposite direction. Poor Collier has to endure having his nose and eyes poked by Hamilton who continues to love to point out his brother's facial features to us.
Hamilton also enjoys holding Collier's hand, though Collier doesn't care much for Hamilton's tight grip. I think he's going for the grab here.
And, how can Hamilton resist pointing out the baby's knee?
Even Mr. Morgan gets a few facial features pointed out.

May 14, 2011

Twenty-Two Months Old

Hamilton turned 22 months on May 5, and I've been remiss in posting his monthly update. He's saying so many words now, and he's continuing to put more new words together into phrases. Mr. Morgan gave Hamilton a geranium blossom, and I couldn't resist snapping some shots of him as he played with the flower. He started getting frustrated with his flower when the petals kept falling off due to his rough play.
When Pops was here, he taught Hamilton to look both ways before crossing the street. So now Hamilton likes to say, "No cahr, no cahr," as he turns his head from side to side before we cross the street. He also likes to say it when he's talking about Pops. He smiles from ear to ear as he says, " cahr, no cahr."
Some afternoons Hamilton enjoys a snack. Usually his snack of choice is chips when Mr. Morgan eats them. Lately Hamilton's starting saying, "'nack, 'nack," when he wants a little something. He also puts his fingers up to his mouth, showing the sign for food, as he repeats "'nack" over and over again.
Hamilton has started letting us know through a verbal mini-tantrum when something doesn't suit him. Obviously, I'm trying to nip this behavior in the bud. As Hamilton becomes more aware and excited about Collier, he wants to hold Collier and touch him whenever he wants. Today Hamilton threw a fit because I took Collier out of his lap when the baby was squawking. Hamilton seemed unphased unfazed by Collier's cries to my surprise.

May 13, 2011

Two Weeks Old

Yesterday Collier was two weeks old, and they've been good weeks with him. We've had lots of family come to visit, so we've enjoyed good help with all the kiddos. Next week will be the real test when I'm taking care of both boys on my own.

Collier has been sleeping well at night so far, so I haven't been completely worn out during most days. Today and yesterday I was even able to snooze a bit in the afternoons because both boys napped at the same time.

I feel like I compare Collier to Hamilton all time, but I think this is natural since they're so close in age. Collier already is much stronger than Hamilton was. Collier was picking his head up on his own in the hospital. He continues to amaze me with his strength: He can halfway roll over already, and he holds a pacifier and bottle's nipple in his mouth way better than Hamilton did. I think Collier looks like Hamilton as a baby especially with some of the faces he makes.

Collier's gaining weight nicely, as he was almost back up to his birth weight at our appointment this past Tuesday. I'll start Collier's monthly updates in just a few weeks, though with a different chair and perhaps new "friends."

May 10, 2011


Hamilton loves bubbles, and he especially enjoys their brightly colored bottles. Sometimes he'll just play with the bottles, toting them around and excitedly shouting, "Buhbuh."

When Pops was visiting after Collier's birth, he tried to teach Hamilton how to blow bubbles. Hamilton really just likes holding the wand and touching it to his mouth no matter how many times he's told to hold the wand in front of his mouth. Whether he produces bubbles or not, he's super excited to pretend he's doing it.

May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

I've had a wonderful Mother's Day, though I was sad not to be with Mom like we are most years. This morning Mr. Morgan got up early with Hamilton, so I could sleep a few more minutes. And, this afternoon we both took naps while the boys napped. Sleep is precious these days--even short snippets of shut-eye.

I loved my Mother's Day gifts. Mr. Morgan gave me the book, which he said comes highly recommended. I can't wait to improve my photography skills, as I continue to take lots of pictures of Claire and the boys. Hamilton brought home the bouquet of flowers from school on Thursday. The petals of the flowers are Hamilton's handprints, and I think he actually decorated the pink-paper holder.