September 30, 2010

In the Car

Sometimes Hamilton enjoys car rides. He passes the time by reading a book, kicked back with his legs crossed.

September 23, 2010

Meal Plans Again

For the first time in a month, I made a meal plan for the Morgan family's eating this next week. A meal plan during my first-trimester is tricky because I don't always feel like thinking about food. And, it's a meal plan that doesn't include Arby's or anything frozen in a bag.

Tuesday - Spaghetti with zucchini, walnuts, and raisins
Since Deb was here at the beginning of the week, she actually prepared Tuesday night's dinner. Having Mom here is like a balm to the soul. She's full of energy for all the things for which I'm not full of energy right now: cooking, cleaning, picking up kids at school, chasing Hamilton, etc. This dish was surprisingly full of flavor and extra delicious, even to my pregnant belly.

Thursday - Spiced pork and apricot stew
This dish is currently bubbling in my slow-cooker. Though the recipe was written for making four meals, I only made enough this time for the Morgans. So, no one should expect stew to show up at their house.

Friday - Turkey burgers
These are the best turkey burgers I've ever tasted, perhaps from the heaping amount of Gruyere cheese included in the mix.

Saturday - Eggplant "sandwiches"
I'm always looking for interesting, different dishes to make with eggplant, and these "sandwiches" looked tasty. For dinner, I'm making homemade pizzas which usually includes lots of Sockarooni sauce, too many pepperonis, bell peppers, red onions, feta, and a sprinkling of mozzarella on the thinnest crust possible.

Monday - Creamy mac, chicken, and cheese
Since I've been pregnant, I've eaten a lot of macaroni and cheese. I discovered this recipe in my magazine-clippings book, and my heart skipped a beat. Sadly, The Nest no longer had this recipe on their site.

Four Years

At the beginning of this month, Mr. Morgan and I celebrated four years of marriage. Our dear friends the Johnsons watched Hamilton, so we could attend the fifth-grade Open House and enjoy a quiet dinner out. In typical fashion for Mr. Morgan he gave me his anniversary gift as soon as possible. It had arrived in the mail earlier that afternoon, so that he waited until after it was wrapped and just before we left the house was an accomplishment for him. He's always just so excited about giving gifts! He bought me this delightful pitcher in my everyday-china pattern. Since this pattern is vintage, one has to search for additional pieces. Specialty pieces like a pitcher are hard to come by, especially in pristine condition. The best part of the gift, though, was the sweet note he stuffed inside. We've been blessed these four years, and I love being married to that man! 

September 22, 2010

Fourteen Months Old

Though I missed Hamilton's actual 14-month anniversary, an update on my favorite boy is still necessary. Hamilton has learned SO much these past six weeks!

Hamilton's only verbal words right now are Daddy, doggie, and Mama. Daddy and doggie sound exactly alike, though he uses the different signs to distinguish. He usually wakes up in the morning talking about Daddy. He loves to visit Daddy at work, so we sometimes surprise Mr. Morgan when we need to get out of the house.
Hamilton now correctly and consistently uses 12 signs: milk, Daddy, Mama, dog, clothes, bath, brush teeth, food, more, all done, water, and please. He recognizes many other signs when I do them, like airplane, book, read, sleep, light, and change diaper. It's so fun for me to finally see my hard work pay off with his learning signs. Many of those signs he's seen consistently from me for a year! He now even looks at me sometimes for the sign when he encounters something new.

Hamilton's walking everywhere now, rarely ever crawling. Just in the last few days he's started walking faster almost like a run, but he usually falls after just a few steps. He's a pro at climbing up stairs, and he's learned to come down a stair or two. He's also much better at obeying when we say, "No, we're not climbing the stairs right now."

Since the weather has cooled from sweltering to just hot, we've spent more time outside. He loves the backyard, exploring everywhere whenever we're out there. He loves to push toys and other objects around that slide against the ground or floor--objects with wheels or without. His latest discovery is Mr. Morgan's rolling seat, kept in the garage, but Hamilton loves pushing it around on the driveway, in the garage, and on the patio.

When Hamilton hears adults laugh, he joins in and laughs, not wanting to miss out on the fun. He also enjoys fake sneezing: Uahhh-choo! He's just learned to give kisses when prompted, though he doesn't always pucker up properly. Sometimes the recipient gets an open-mouthed smooch, and there's usually plenty of drool, too.

A Harness and Tether

Since Hamilton walks well now, I thought he should get used to his doggie harness and tether. He won't always be satisfied to ride in a store's cart, and some stores don't offer carts. I don't mind his walking beside me; however, he must learn to stay near me. Hence, the harness and tether. Now some moms say it looks too much like a leash. It functions as a leash, yes, but it's way cuter. Before Hamilton knew the purpose of the innocent-looking dog, he enjoyed having the dog ride on his back. Once we got into a store, Hamilton was frustrated with his tether. He wasn't able to run wild in the store like he does at home. Combine his new restraining device with lunchtime hunger, and Hamilton was well on his way to throwing a fit. I'm not deterred; however, and he'll learn eventually how far he can walk away from me. The redeeming part is that every step of the way he'll be super cute with his doggie along for the ride.

Aunt Patsy

Last week Mr. Morgan's Aunt Patsy was in Charleston for a few days. Patsy lives in Memphis, Tenn., so we don't see her often even when we visit Mr. Morgan's family. Patsy had dinner with us Friday night, and she met Hamilton for the first time. Since our last visit with Patsy was in summer 2007, Claire was much changed as well. Claire played her viola for Patsy, and Hamilton enjoyed her reading books to him.

Claire's Viola

Charleston County offers fifth-graders the opportunity to learn a stringed instrument and be part of an orchestra. Claire was SO excited to be part of Strings this year, and she chose to play the viola. She's loved learning her new instrument, and she voluntarily practices each day.

By the way, it's pronounced VEE-OLA which Claire was quick to point out when Mr. Morgan insisted on saying VI-OLA. Claire added, "Our teacher said most parents were going to say VI-OLA."

September 16, 2010


Last week Hamilton tripped on the cobblestones while he walked into school, landing face first. He cried when it happened, though I couldn't immediately see the impact spot. After just a minute or two, he calmed down. When I came back to pick him up, nearly his whole forehead was red! The next day I finally got a picture, though it's much calmer looking without all the redness. So here's his first real "war wound" that lasted longer than a few hours.

September 14, 2010


Claire has been reading this book series lately about cats. She loves cats, so I understand her fascination with a book series that stars them. Her teacher requires the students to read books of different genres, and Claire's obsession with the fantastical Warriors series was used as an example at Open House of how students can get stuck in a rut with their reading. The teacher didn't call her out by name, but she mentioned the book series by name.

After Open House Mr. Morgan and I encouraged Claire to start another series or read some other books in between her Warriors books. We mentioned how her teacher used her obsession to tell parents what not to let their students do. This past Wednesday before community group Claire had another Warriors book that she was taking to the Hardee-Whites' house to read during our Bible study. So, again, I stressed to Claire that she was not to read the Warriors books for a while after she finished her current one.

While at community group, Amanda asked Claire about the book that she was reading. Claire replied (according to Amanda), "I've been uncouraged to read this book."

September 2, 2010

'Tight Spot'

While this story is sad on many levels, it makes me laugh.

First Day

Yesterday was Hamilton's first day of "school." I stuffed his backpack, whom we're calling Moo-Cow, with diapers, clothes, and a sippy cup. I had to drain the water from the sippy cup, since the extra weight on his back promptly tipped him over. With an empty sippy cup, Hamilton was able to wear Moo-Cow on his back, which looked so cute!
Hamilton seemed confident once we arrived. He eyed his new room full of toys and books, then he took off not even looking back at me once. I love this report the teacher gives each day, and her last written comment says, "I can tell he loves music." And it's his first craft! It's proudly displayed on the refrigerator. I'm sure Hamilton didn't actually do much of this craft, but it's cute nonetheless.
Here's our boy on the eight-minute ride home from school. What a tiring morning!


For all the faithful readers, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I've been hindered the last week or so by first-trimester sickness--not just in the morning but throughout the day. Yes, I'm pregnant, just over seven weeks. I've added the ticker to our sidebar, so we can track the progress of the newest baby Morgan.