July 17, 2010

July Boys' Birthday

The "July Boys" turned one this month--Hamilton (7/5), Arthur (7/11), and Grady (7/25). We mommas finally settled on an "under the sea" theme for their pool party. Grady's Aunt Stephanie made this amazing cake!We spent all morning prior to the 1 pm party decorating the room, and I had a great time with my dear friends Amanda and Christie as we hung streamers, arranged tables, and enjoyed the sangria early.Christie found lots of cute, themed party supplies, and we all combined our beachy/sea creature decor to create the under-the-sea ambiance.We hung blue streamers from the ceiling to create waves, and Claire helped us the day before to blow up tons of green balloons to create kelp in the corners.Once the party started, the boys gathered around the coolest thing there--Christie's red wagon that she'd used to haul in her stuff. Grady and Arthur are both walking like champs, so Hamilton was left behind a little bit.Then he got "stuck" in the wagon, since he's unable to crawl out by himself.We lined up the three highchairs, so the crowd could all watch the boys eat their cake. First, Hamilton enjoyed gnawing on his candle.
Here are all of us parents behind our children: (from left) Flip and Christie, Amanda and Alex, and Mr. Morgan and me. Arthur and Hamilton are both wearing party hats, though Grady told me he was too cool.
Hamilton absolutely loves cake, so he could hardly wait for me to pinch off pieces for him.
All three boys loved their birthday cake, making cute messes and eating way too much sugar.
The Hardee-Whites' neighbor Carly came to the party, and Claire loved having a friend there to swim with her.
The boys' friend West came to celebrate too. Since his party was back in March, he's a pro at eating birthday cake and ice cream.
After cake we took the boys outside for some swimming in the baby pools. Harper, a girl friend from church, joined the boys in the pool, wearing her super-cute, asymmetrical swimsuit.
Abby made an appearance at the party. She enjoyed the sidewalk chalk.We also provided bubbles for entertainment, and Hamilton found a discarded bubble wand after his swim.

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