June 29, 2009

Abby's 2nd Birthday

I know we've been calling Abby our favorite two-year-old for a few months now, but that's because Bryce and Tiffany have been telling Abby's she's two for a while. I think they've been doing this, so when you ask her, "Abby, how old are you?", she cutely replies, "Two."
Anyway, her actual second birthday was 24 June, but Tiffany had a sweet, little party for her on Sunday, 28 June. Tiff served cute cupcakes and delicious ice cream. We had such a fun time at the party, and Abby had a great time with all her friends. She has quite an affection for Mr. Morgan, and he for her.

Puppies and Popcorn

It's no secret the Morgans are fans of fresh-popped popcorn. Mr. Morgan loves for me to pop some on the stove, which is way cheaper than bagged popcorn and healthier for us, too. Well, the puppies also enjoy popcorn, probably as much as Mr. Morgan. Nighttime noise in the kitchen always makes both Fatty and Phoebe think of popcorn, and they'll run into the kitchen and stare at the stove.
A few nights ago I started a batch of popcorn and then started the video camera: Here's what happens every time the puppies hear the melodious sound of popping corn.

June 27, 2009

Jenny Sanford

Despite all the Michael Jackson hoopla, there are still a lot of stories about Sanford and his affair in the news. I didn't know much about Jenny Sanford until all this mess, but I sure do like her and her handling of this public affair.

Here's a good Associated Press article from Friday:
Asked if she would be staying with her husband, she said: "It's a goal."

"I'm going to do my best to work on my marriage," she said. As for her husband's political future: "His career is not a concern of mine. He'll have to worry about that. I'm going to worry about my family and the character of my children."

Here's a good AP article from Saturday:

Jenny Sanford cried at the end of the interview, and said the couple have been to counseling.

"When I found out in January, we both indicated a willingness to continue working on the marriage, but there's not room for three people in a marriage," she said. "I've done everything in my power possibly to keep him from going to see her and to really make sure she was off the table, including asking him to leave."

June 26, 2009

Friday Night Movie

Just saw The Proposal with Hardee and Linnea. It's a great movie, and we laughed out loud the whole time. Mr. Morgan was going to see the new Transformers movie with some guys, so I planned a girls' movie night. It won't be long before we won't both be able to go out on the same night without getting a babysitter, so we were taking advantage while little Hamilton is still in utero.

Moment of Silence

Congress had a moment of silence today for Michael Jackson. What?!? Are they going to pause and remember all celebrities who die? What about Farrah Fawcett or Ed McMahon who died this week?

Who determines who will be honored by a moment of silence in our Congress? I'm just so irritated about how his death is dominating the news; there are so many more important things happening in the world. Speaking of more important things going on, how 'bout a moment of silence to honor the brave Iranian woman who was killed last week?

Four Days Before Due Date

Here's a picture of my still-growing, pregnant belly! This maternity dress is one of my favorites because it's so comfy. On Thursday I saw my doctor, and I'm 1 cm dilated and 30% effaced. She was pleased that I have made some progress over the last week, but I'm not anticipating going into labor before my due date of Sunday, 28 June. I'm still feeling good, and I've got some things left to do before little Hamilton makes his appearance!

Agreeing with Hugo Chavez

Mr. Morgan and I were watching the news this morning and eating breakfast together as is our custom now. Since I'm not rushing out of the house to go to work, I'm able to make us breakfast. Mr. Morgan usually requests "something eggy," which translates into a fried-egg sandwich usually.

Of course, all the "news" that's apparently worth reporting this morning is about Michael Jackson's death. Last night we stopped watching TV because all our channels were covering his death, and we were sick of hearing about it. While it's sad that he's dead, there are TONS of other things going on in the world that are a bit more important than a washed-up, freaky celebrity's death. I mean, The Office rerun that should have aired at 9 last night was bumped to make room for a Dateline special on Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.

This morning the news reported that Hugo Chavez called Michael Jackson's death "lamentable," but he criticized the media for giving it so much attention. Mr. Morgan said, "For once, I agree with Hugo Chavez."

June 24, 2009

Abby's Little People

Tiffany said she heard Abby playing the other day with her Little People collection, and Abby had names for many of the dolls. Mr. Morgan and I were excited to make the cut. On Wednesday, Abby showed us which Little People dolls we were.

Here's a closeup picture of the Little People dolls: While I'm the tall, blonde girl, Mr. Morgan is the shorter, squatty blonde girl in a blue dress. Matt Lambert is the short, black, construction worker.

Selling Snow Cones

In Wal-Mart yesterday Claire bought herself a little snow-cone machine and two flavors of syrup. She'd been eyeing the snow-cone maker since our last trip to Wal-Mart, and she exclaimed as we walked out of the store, snow-cone machine in hand, "This is the best day of my life!"

Claire is dramatic and hyperbolic: This past Sunday after Mr. Morgan's company picnic and a trip to the water park, Claire declared that day the "best day" of her life. When we questioned her, "The best day ever?" She replied with a little exasperation, "It's an expression."

So, she's had a fun summer so far. Last night with her snow-cone machine and trusty helper Brittany from down the street, she set up a snow-cone stand in the front yard. She was so excited to make some money, and she has quite the entrepreneurial spirit. I think the girls raked in over $10 in less than two hours, so they were thrilled.

The folks in our neighborhood were really sweet to stop by and buy a snow-cone. Even though Claire says that I can have a snow-cone any time for free, they are good and well worth the $0.50 she's charging. If you're in the Hanahan area, stop by the neighborhood for some cool refreshment.

June 23, 2009

Sanford's Hiatus

This morning on talk radio I heard about how Gov. Sanford is gone, and no one knows where he is, how to get in touch with him--or if he's even still alive. Really? His wife and sons have no idea and can't call with an emergency? I find that hard to believe.

The man needed a break, so let's give him a break and let him hike the Appalachian Trail until his heart's content. While his office could have handled his absence better, let's not assume he's dead. He's just been through the fight of his gubernatorial career with his wanting to reject part of the stimulus funds. And, I'm sure he's exhausted. I do enjoy reading about our governor on national blogs though.

UPDATE: Wow. I mean, what a press conference. I'm pretty disappointed and shocked, as I think all South Carolinians are. I've been a Sanford fan since he was elected especially after the most recent fight over the stimulus funds. I'm sorry for his family and especially his wife, as they have to live through the fallout from his affair in the public eye.

June 19, 2009

Who Doesn't Like 'Ma'am'?

Apparently Senator Barbara Boxer is offended by the title "ma'am." Is she so ignorant of the military to know that "ma'am" is reserved for higher ranked officers and a title (e.g., senator) is for lower ranked personnel? Brig. Gen. Michael Walsh was addressing her.

UPDATE: Burst out laughing when I came across this post on one of my favorite blogs. Also, the Austin Powers trilogy is one of Mr. Morgan's favorites, making even him appreciate this political post. I think he usually skips over those. With as many times as I've seen those movies, I'm surprised I didn't connect the similarity of those two lines.

June 15, 2009

Belly Pictures

The sweet ladies of Redeemer threw a baby shower of blessings for Hardee and me this past Saturday. It was so sweet and special to hear lots of stories and advice from all the mothers and other women in our church. Since we'll both probably be delivering in the next month, our bellies are getting pretty large. And since our bellies are cuter than the rest of the picture turned out, here's a belly picture.

'Nurturing' Baby Hamilton

Last night at dinner I reminded Mr. Morgan that I have my breastfeeding class tonight. He, of course, wondered again if he "had to go." I assured him that he did not. As Claire overheard us talking, she asked, "Gray, after you're done nurturing baby Hamilton, do you think we could take him out to eat sushi?"

Sushi is one of our favorite meals out as a couple and as a family; however, because it's so expensive, we usually only go for special occasions. Claire sweetly wants to include baby Hamilton in our fun, family activity when he can eat solid foods, which is after I'm done "nurturing" him.

VBS Excitement

Yesterday in church Margaret made an announcement about vacation Bible school, which is next week. Margaret was soliciting help with painting sets this week, and Claire whispered, "Do you think kids can help?"

I assured Claire that kids could help but that she would be unable to since this whole week she'll be at her mom's house. I whispered back, however, that I had signed her up to attend VBS. She replied sincerely, excitedly, and without complaint, "Will I have to wear 'church clothes' to VBS?"

"Oh, no, not at all."

The sheer joy on her face was undeniable, and she was so excited thinking about doing something fun at church unencumbered by "church clothes."

June 13, 2009

Friday Night with Abby

Last night Abby Koch came over for dinner, so Bryce and Tiff could go out with adults. We love when Abby comes over; she's a go-with-the-flow girl and lots of fun. Tiff said she was getting a new tooth, and Abby was gnawing hard-core on her finger when she got to our house. After her parents left, she wanted nothing else than to sit in my lap and bury her face.

At dinner Abby lined up her grapes before eating them. She enjoyed Mr. Morgan's favorite dinner of tater tot casserole.
We went for a walk after dinner, taking two kids and three dogs; we were quite a bunch. It's been brutally hot here, and eventually little Feebs was lagging behind. We thought she might enjoy a ride in the stroller with Abby, and we were right.

June 9, 2009

Angry Mom

Last night Mr. Morgan and I played our newest family game Nymble with Claire. Contrary to several kids games, we all enjoy playing this game. And Claire will get better at it the older she gets. For now, we let some of her oddly paired synonyms and antonyms slide.

In between rounds, Claire asked, "Gray, is 'angry mom' spelled m-o-m?"

Guessing where she was headed yet trying to hold back laughter, I asked, "What do you mean?"

"You know, an angry mom--like with torches and pitchforks."

Not suppressing his laughter, Mr. Morgan explained that torches and pitchforks were associated with an angry "mob."

A Mountville Baby Shower

The delightful Mountville ladies threw me a baby shower on Sunday afternoon at the schoolhouse. A baby or a wedding are a great excuse and opportunity to throw a party and see everyone from Mountville whom I only see a few times a year.
I got some really cute clothes for baby Hamilton, and the hostesses bought me a much needed highchair. I think Grandma is pretty proud about having a little great-grandson in the family, and Mimi has gotten some great grandparenting experience with Claire--I think she's ready to try her hand at grandparenting a little one.

Beautiful Wedding

Saturday evening at 8, we drove the short distance to Plumfield Farm for Anna and Andrew's wedding. Deb and I had already been there earlier that morning helping set up for the wedding. Mountville sure knows how to throw a party, and this one was great! The setting was beautiful, which made the wedding look like a fairy tale.

The weather was perfect, with the setting sun giving a much cooler feel to the warm day. We arrrived early, so the Taylors and the Morgans got a good seat.

After the ceremony, we enjoyed 15 different homemade cakes, several pies, several flavored punches, and coffee. Claire had a great time running around with all the kiddos. In true Mountville style, she discarded her shoes right after the ceremony, not needing them until it was time to leave.

June 5, 2009

O'Malley's and Abby

Last night Mr. Morgan and I headed to the church for the Uganda Fundraiser--a rockin' concert with Ugandan food and tea, desserts, and other beverages. We took our favorite almost-two-year-old Abby Koch. Abby LOVES Mr. Morgan and has begun following him around like a lovesick teenager whenever he's near her. While she does like me, she'll wiggle herself out of my arms if she even glimpses Mr. Morgan. It's really cute, and she hugs and hugs on him once he picks her up.

We hung out at the concert for a little while, then we left to find quieter accommodations and hang out with our dear friends the Swearingens. Since they're moving in a few months, we're trying to get our fill of them while they're still in town! Christopher suggested we go to O'Malley's for some drinks and food. Christopher and Emilie take their two-year-old everywhere with them, so Joseph is accustomed to public places and hence well behaved. While we got some looks for bringing little ones into a bar, we were undeterred. Downtown Charleston has a no-smoking policy, so the bars are clean with clear air. A rainy Thursday night after the colleges are out for the summer makes downtown crowds pretty light as well. And, O'Malley's had highchairs for the kiddos.

Abby's finding her voice, and she talks and babbles to herself a lot. She entertained us with her "Wet!" repetition as we walked in the misty rain to O'Malley's. As we neared our exit onto a cloverleaf ramp, she surprised us with her "Big turn!" outburst. We just love that little one, and we're so glad Bryce and Tiff let us take her every now and then.


Today was Claire's last day of third grade, and she got out at 10:40 am. I wouldn't call that a half-day, but the school does. A friend from her class had a birthday party this afternoon, so we came back to Mt. Pleasant for the party. Having had my fill of third graders during Wednesday's morning field trip to Fort Moultrie, I opted to drop Claire off and find some wi-fi. Mr. Morgan suggested Chick-fil-A, which to me is a random, unexpected place for free wi-fi. But here I am sitting in the Mt. Pleasant Chick-fil-A enjoying a peach milkshake, the crankin' air conditioning, and web surfing.


I'm so proud of this little bush! I just love hydrangeas, and they're out in full force here in Charleston. This little beauty, of course, is in my yard, but they are plenty of huge, loaded-with-blooms bushes down Yeamans Hall Road in Hanahan. All the blooms around here range from blue to pink--and all shades in between. Deb has white blooms on her bushes, and I'll get to see them this weekend. We're headed to Mountville for a fun wedding.

June 4, 2009

Another Odd Sign

This red, homemade sign is outside of Clinton, S.C., on the way to Dale and Deb's.

If crickets are indeed for sale, at what point did they realize that "cricrets" wasn't the way to spell it? Or have they realized it? Or was it misspelled on purpose, keeping in line with the theme of the outpost that also sells worms and bait?

Odd Sign

While on our babymoon, we went shopping for some new sneakers for Mr. Morgan. We wandered into an outdoorsy, sports store. For the first few minutes while we were there, we thought perhaps no one was working. We weren't greeted by a saleperson, and we didn't see anyone even after several minutes. Finally, we were approached and asked if we needed help. Mr. Morgan asked for a shoe to try on, and it took forever for the salesman to return. He returned empty-handed saying he did not have the exact size we sought. He then referred us to the online store, saying there were more sizes and colors online. While waiting, I saw this sign on display.

This sign was no joke--we felt this way while in the store! Why would they reinforce a negative part of their store's customer service? So, Mr. Morgan, fully prepared to buy shoes, wasn't even brought a similar style shoe to try. We did visit the Web site once we got back to our room, but the brand he wanted, Asics, wasn't even listed on the Web site.

We did end up buying shoes online; however, we used Zappos, a great shoe site with free overnight shipping both ways. As all little boys with new shoes, Mr. Morgan feels he runs faster in them, and he wants to wear them all the time. I put my foot down about wearing them to the Wilson-Hudson wedding coming up this weekend.

Patio Progress Continued

Last weekend Mr. Morgan and I finished laying the stones for our patio! We've still got some landscaping to do around the edges to give us a finished look. We're hoping to get the landscaping done soon, so we can have a party on the patio!

Field Day

Bright and early Monday morning Claire had field day at school. Mr. Morgan and I both went to cheer on Claire. She participated in lots of events including a relay race, sprint, sack race, and tug-of-war.