January 25, 2011

Rearrange a Few Things

Since Claire's room is getting a total makeover and Hamilton's upgrading to his big-boy room, I was feeling like I wanted a change in our bedroom. This week I've been working to rearrange the furniture--an easy, cheap way to acheive the change for which I'm longing. I moved one piece of supurfluous furniture out, switched the bed to a new wall, and hung up some new art. I'm excited at the results, though Mr. Morgan's still getting used to sleeping with a new perspective. (The bed used to be on the wall between the windows.)
Sadly, I did not think to take a "before" picture for maximum effect on the blog, especially for those who've never seen our bedroom. I remembered to take "before" pictures of the other rooms we're making over I guess because we were overhauling the whole room with new paint, window treatments, and furniture. I'll post Claire's and Hamilton's rooms' "after" pictures once we're all finished with rooms. Hopefully, we'll finish Claire's room this week, since the disorder of the upstairs is starting to drive me crazy.


  1. Wow! I need to hire you as a consultant while we figure out what to do with our new bathroom. My in-laws put in a $5,000 granite shower for us for Christmas this year (it's our Christmas, birthday, and anniversary gift for the next 314 years). We're trying to figure out a color palette and room arrangement... whether to do pocket doors on the two entryways or to do a big one to cut the bathroom in two, and so on. Your eye for design (assuming it's you who picked out your bedroom design/colors/theme) would be so nice! :-D

  2. Dave,
    You're so kind about my "eye for design." I did pick out my bedroom colors and theme, with lots of help from Mom, the professional interior designer. I'd love to see your new bathroom, especially the granite shower! I'm not sure how much help I can really give you, but I do love to brainstorm about design ideas.