January 3, 2011


I discovered January Reflections ’11 at Aubrey’s blog, and I figured it would be a great event to help keep me blogging and writing more. I’m making progress today, at least, on two of my three resolutions—and there’s still time in the day for a bit of housecleaning.

My writing prompt for today is a favorite moment from 2010. I know there are many good moments from 2010, but there were times during the past year when I thought, this has been such a hard year for us. My heart was dismayed and disappointed over many issues within our family, our church, and our friendships. So many times I didn’t respond to my children the way I know I should or the way I want to. So many times I was faced with the harsh, ugly reality of man’s sin, manifested in the divisive selfishness and pettiness of believers within the church. So many times my heart broke at disagreements and misunderstandings between friends, my lazy attitude toward reaching out to new neighbors, and inevitable goodbyes and moving days that have come too soon.

Yet I know God is good and faithful through all things. Though I am weak and ineffectual, He is strong and powerful. His sanctifying Spirit has not finished with me, my family, or my church. And, He is faithful to complete the good work that He has started.

Looking at the thousands of pictures we’ve taken over the last year, I’m reminded vividly of special moments, good times, and precious people. One moment I clearly remember is from July 2010 when our family went on vacation with the Taylors to Cades Cove. We spent a day at Dollywood, for we knew Claire would love it. I remember as a child that amusement parks were literally the most fun thing I could imagine doing, and I loved seeing Claire have the same reaction. We enjoyed beautiful weather, small crowds for summer, and a contented one-year-old who even napped in the stroller. Claire was beside herself with enjoyment the whole day and so grateful for our having taken her.

It was a fun day to be a parent. Not all days can be amusement-park fun, but those days remind me that my cup truly does runneth over.

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