January 19, 2011

Eleven Years Old

Claire turned 11 years old today. She and Mr. Morgan ate breakfast at Chick-fil-A. She's gotten several birthday cards in the mail, which is a much-anticipated, afternoon treat for her. She also got several phone calls wishing her happy birthday. Tonight we took an ice-cream cake to community group to help celebrate her special day. The biggest surprise (for her) was a phone call from Absolutely Mindy to give Claire her personal birthday missions live on the radio.
Every afternoon on the way home from school, we listen to Kids Place Live on XM radio. Birthday missions are the disco jockey's schtick, and each set of missions are different for each kid's birthday. For example, a mission might be to ask your parent to tell a story from his favorite birthday or to dump ice cubes down your shirt. They're really cute, and Mindy is great at making the missions sound super cool to kids. Claire was ecstatic after the unexpected phone call. Claire will complete her birthday missions tomorrow, so I'll have more pictures to share then.

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