June 30, 2011

Two Months Old

Tuesday was Collier's two-month birthday, and as much as I try I fear I will be tardy many months with his updates. My timing for a photo shoot was not ideal because Collier was about to be fed. So he's a little fussy for the pictures. Though he smiles a lot (when his belly's full), I still don't have a good shot of it. I also included Hamilton in some pictures because he climbed on the chair beside the baby when I went to get my camera.
I think this shot is so telling of both boys right now: Collier just wants to be fed, and Hamilton loves snaps because he can take his clothes off.
Hamilton loves to help me feed the baby, and he always want to sit beside the baby especially on the couch. And, yes, we're still working on being gentle with the baby.
Collier is such a sweet, easy baby. We're down to four feedings a day with naps in between, and he's sleeping about eleven hours each night now. He enjoys lying on his playmat with toys dangling from above. He gives huge smiles when anyone talks to him--even Hamilton. Hamilton uses a high-pitched, "baby" voice to talk to him.

Collier even enjoys lying on his belly, which Hamilton never liked. Also unlike Hamilton at two months, Collier is bigger and growing faster. He's already in three-months clothes and some up-to-six-months outfits. We go next week for his checkup, so we'll get official weight and length then.

Fun in Raleigh

Last weekend we traveled again. We loaded up the boys and headed to Raleigh for a party celebrating my cousin's recent wedding. Her father hosted the party, and we had a great time catching up with extended family. Here's a picture of the Taylor clan in attendance.
Hamilton found lots of children and things to play with during the party.
Because the party was a pig-pickin' complete with a whole pig on the grill, Mimi and Pops told Hamilton we'd be "eating pig" for supper. Hamilton went around the whole night saying, "Ee pih, ee pih."
I just love this shot of my two favorite "big boys."

June 24, 2011

Playing on the Window Seat

Since my laptop and "desk area" occupy much of the kitchen table, Collier and Hamilton both spend lots of time sitting beside me on the window seat. While I check email or blog, Hamilton plays with his cars or writes on a scratch pad with a pencil. Collier gazes out the window just as Hamilton used to do when he was a baby.

Often both boys are on the window seat together now, and Hamilton gives Collier lots of attention.
This face of Collier's is typical when Hamilton is loving on him.

June 22, 2011

Wednesday/Father's Day

Though it's Wednesday and the week's half gone, I'm still getting caught up from our vacation in Tennessee. After trying so hard to be on top of things and buying Father's Day cards several weeks before, I forgot to take them on our trip. Consequently, Mr. Morgan didn't get his card on Father's Day, and my dad received a replacement card a day late. I felt like such a slacker that even my small attempt at remembering and celebrating Mr. Morgan's day was thwarted. Basically, Mr. Morgan got a back-scratch. While he does love my back-scratches, they're not really celebratory. So here's to Mr. Morgan, my loving husband and attentive father. You're the best!

Four Aunts and Four-Hundred Miles

During the second half of our trip to Tennessee, we drove to Memphis to visit more of Mr. Morgan's family. We visited with Aunt Jane and her family first, enjoying cake and ice cream at 10 am.

Then we had a late lunch at Chick-fil-A with our dear friends Christopher and Emilie who moved away from Charleston almost two years ago. Why luncheon at a fast-food place we have in Charleston, you ask? Because there's a play area that occupied three of the five children for hours, which is required for any visiting among adults.

We headed to Great Aunt Elizabeth's house (where we spent the night) to change clothes before we headed to a Morgan reunion of sorts at Aunt Gladys's house. We enjoyed Memphis barbecue for dinner and absolutely the best chocolate cake I've ever tasted. Aunt Patsy was also at the reunion, so we officially visited with four aunts from three different sides of Mr. Morgan's family--in one day. It was a whirlwind day with all the driving, eating, and visiting, but it was wonderful to see so many folks we hadn't seen in years.

The Morgan reunion was fun and rowdy because of all the kids. Little Elliott and Sloane were so excited to see the baby that they nearly attacked me when I walked in the door with Collier. They immediately wanted to hold him, so I obliged and took pictures.
Hamilton didn't play as much with the girls as I thought he would. Once Aunt Patsy showed him a train he could play with, he was occupied for most of the night.
I attempted to get a picture of all the kids before we left, and this is as good as it got. I think Sloane is trying to put "bunny ears" on herself, and her younger sister Elliott is copying as best she can.
We enjoyed breakfast at Great Aunt Elizabeth's before we headed back to Paris. After much begging, we convinced Elizabeth to join us for a picture. (This shot is the first picture I've seen where I think Hamilton looks a bit like me.)

June 17, 2011

Boating and Lake-Swimming

Papa Joe took Mr. Morgan, Hamilton, and me out on his boat while Grandma Judy stayed with Collier. We had such fun watching Hamilton as he donned his first lifejacket, swam in his first lake, and called out, "Bee bo-oh," every time a boat of any size passed us. I guess they were all "big boats" to him. Joe was our capable captain and tour guide.
I attempted to make Hamilton wear a hat, and Papa Joe offered this too-big one. 
Notice my death-grip on Hamilton's arm as I'm applying his sunscreen.
After exploring several coves, we found a spot for swimming. The chilly water was refreshing, and it made Hamilton squeal a bit.
We enouraged Hamilton to kick his legs, so we could begin teaching him to swim. So the whole time he was in the lake he kept saying, "Kih-kih-kih." And he loved for Mr. Morgan to kick-kick-kick his legs to make the water churn.

Grandma Judy and Lollipops

Hamilton has experienced many "firsts" in the last few days, and one of his favorites has been lollipops. Hamilton found a bag of lollipops which he played with for days as toys; he counted them, put them in and out of a plastic box over and over, and carried them around from room to room. Eventually he ripped the paper off one and stuck it in his mouth like an old pro. (Perhaps he's had one at school because I've never given him one before.) Then he and Grandma Judy enjoyed a lollipop break.

June 15, 2011

Papa Joe's House

While it took Hamilton until Grandma Judy's second day with us last month to begin saying her name, we'd been with Papa Joe just a few hours before he was saying, "Puh Joe." Today Hamilton's added his familiar, indefinite article to form "Uh-PUH Joe," which we hear with gusto every time Papa Joe walks into the room. (Since Hamilton continues to advance with his speech, noticeable nearly daily, "Joo" has been replaced by "Joo-dee" most of the time now for Grandma Judy.)

Hamilton has spent lots of time with Papa Joe feeding his three, big dogs. They've also spent lots of time walking around the yard and extensive sidewalks while Hamilton pulls the wagon.
On our dog walk this morning, Mr. Morgan took Hamilton for a fun ride in the wagon on the steep hills in the neighborhood. Hamilton was giddy with delight.
This afternoon Joe put clean water in the little pool, so Hamilton enjoyed an impromptu swimming time.

June 11, 2011

Twenty-Three Months Old

This month's birthday was the first month since Hamilton's birth that I didn't think about his birthday when June 5 rolled around. I guess I'm busy with other things--like babies and diapers and more diapers. Hamilton's spoken vocabulary is exploding: He's trying new phrases every day, and he's repeating many words that I say. And, his variations are so cute, and some are surprisingly accurate.

Last weekend the incredible Paige Stumbo came to the farm for a photo shoot. We've seen a preview on her blog, and I'm so excited to see all the shots. I'll share them once I get the CD.
Hamilton loves to try new things especially tasks that I'm doing or that he's seen me do every day. He says, "I tryh," as he attempts to take over whatever I'm doing. If the task is too difficult for him, he'll say, "Mah tryh," as he looks back to me to complete the task.

He's such a friendly boy who says hello to everyone. This past week we had two men installing new windows in our house, and Hamilton said hello to each of them every time they walked into the house. Yes, it's been a bit chaotic here this week with curtains and blinds draped over chairs and furniture pushed away from the windows. But our new windows are in now, and they're fabulous!
Hamilton has been attempting to jump since we first tried it during Kindermusik several months ago. His "jumping" so far had been lifting one foot off the ground while bending his knees, which looked funny. But finally yesterday, he was successful at jumping with both feet off the ground at the same time! He also says, "Juh, juh," as he jumps, and he's so excited and proud of himself. I hope to get a video soon that I'll share.

June 4, 2011

One-Month Checkup

Thursday I took Collier to his one-month checkup, but his doctor was out sick. The nurse didn't do official measurements (i.e., measuring weight without clothes and diaper), but we did weigh him clothed. He's 11 pounds, 11 ounces and 24 inches long! I couldn't believe he was so big. We'll go back in a few weeks for his two-month checkup when we'll get official measurements.

Everything else looked great: He's putting weight on his legs, eating well, and holding his head up (but he was doing that in the hospital!). He smiles and "talks" more every day. He demonstrated his smile and happy demeanor to the physician's assistant that checked him, and she said, "Is he always like this?"

Farm Life

Staying at the farm with Mimi and Pops is so much fun for the kids and so relaxing for us. Claire gets to feed the chickens scraps from the kitchen. The chickens have grown so big since the last time we saw them.
Claire gets to help Pops plant sweet potatoes.
Hamilton gets to help Pops dig potatoes in the garden.


Wednesday was Claire's graduation from fifth grade, so we now officially have a middle-schooler in our family. Mr. Morgan attended the awards program where Claire was recognized for her art achievements, principal's honor roll, and perfect attendance. Perfect attendance is the award about which Claire is proudest and most excited; I think she's had perfect attendance nearly every year of elementary school.
The fifth-graders sang a special song for the parents. Claire's in the front row beside the girl in the pink dress.