January 13, 2011

Human Cheese

Here's an interesting article about a woman who wants to produce human cheese.
[The response] definitely runs the gambit [sic]. Everything from ‘this is such a great idea’ to ‘this is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.’ Overall, response has been pretty overwhelmingly positive, which I didn’t really expect. Maybe it’s New York – we are pretty adventurous eaters.

Branding and naming are paramount in overcoming potential eaters' qualms about human cheese. Does changing the "human" part of the name to a euphemism make you more likely to think of trying it without being grossed out? I might try some "homo sapien cheddar" or "biped feta" if there was some good wine to go with it.


  1. who cares about cheese we want to see the boy


  2. Honey, I think you mean gamut, not gambit. I looked up both definitions.

  3. My initial reaction is disgust but if I had plenty of the good wine you mention to go with it I might get up the courage to try a sliver. :) Your mom is right about "gamut"...but I think you were quoting in that section, right?

  4. Yes, I was quoting that section; it was copied and pasted from the link provided. But if Mom says it's supposed to be "gamut," then I'm sure she's right.