September 4, 2012

August in Review

I know, I know, where have I been? Do I still have any readers? My mental capacity is tapped out these days, so blogging is nearly non-existent. And, completing this blog post has taken nearly four six days! We did have a great summer, and I've included several pictures from our adventures in this list.

1. Hamilton and Grady joined a gymnastics class for July, and the boys seemed to love jumping and playing on all the equipment. Grady's in the orange jumping along the trampoline, and Hamilton's watching from the bench.
Now it's Hamilton's turn.
Collier and I watched and played from the parents' viewing deck above the gym. This mirrored wall looks like the glass doors and windows at my house--full of smudgy fingerprints.
Hamilton needed help each time to complete a backward roll.
He did walk across the balance beam, though he was timid at first--and I'm sure gripping so tightly to his teacher's hand.
2. Though the heat is oppressive or the rain constant, Hamilton asks for walks every day. He loves to pull his wagon, though sometimes after a while he says, "I tired to pull the wagon, Mommy." So in he goes for a few restful seconds (literally) while I pull him. Then he's itching to get out to pull again.
When Collier's up for a walk, we strap him into the stroller and bring him along with us.
3. Grandma Judy came to visit during one of our last weeks of summer, and we took the boys to the Children's Museum one rainy morning--like everyone else in Charleston apparently decided to do based on the crowds. Both boys loved it. Here they're taking a shady break from playing on the fire engine outside.
The giant water tables with multiple bridges, roads, and vehicles entertained both boys.
4. We've spent lots of time in the backyard playing "back-setball," as Hamilton says. I'm teaching Hamilton some lingo like "slam dunk," "shooting," "alley-oop," etc. He and Collier enjoy dropping the ball (which is technically a kids'-sized soccer ball) into the net.
5. All summer we've been gathering with our friends on Friday mornings for playing and learning at different spots. The three-year-olds climbed around this old tree at the fun park across the street from Alhambra Hall in Mount Pleasant. Our crazy threesome is growing up!
One of our Friday morning gatherings involved Olympics-themed crafts and competitive events. What cute Olympians they made!
6. We've spent hotter days at the sprinklers at Wannamaker County Park, and snack time is always a crowd favorite.