January 5, 2011

Eighteen Months Old

My sweet baby is 18 months old today.

He's using a spoon now, and he prefers to feed himself though he does like for me to fill up his spoon with food for him to shovel into his mouth. Then it's Daddy's turn to load up his spoon with food. And back and forth we go during meals.

Hamilton knows some sounds that things make, and he usually answers correctly when you ask him questions. He has a distinct sound for dinosaurs, cows, dogs, and trains. He'll always give an answer to the question "What does _____ say?"; however, if it's not one of the four mentioned above, there's no telling what noise he'll attribute.

He's still loving his Christmas presents, playing with them every day. He's not into my reading books to him right now, but I hope after a few weeks he'll go back to loving my reading to him. He received many books for Christmas, so I'm looking forward to enjoying those with him soon. He reads them to himself usually during "quiet time," but he won't sit still through my reading anything to him right now.

Hamilton continues to talk a lot and learn new words. He's added "a car" and "a robe" to his vocabulary, though neither word has much of an ending consonant sound when he says it. He quickly learned robe when he was given one. He wears it every night on his way to and from the bathroom; I plan to get a picture soon to share, for he's somehow even cuter than normal in his miniature robe.

I'm fighting hard right now against his tendency to point and "unh, unh, unh" for something he wants instead of his using signs or words that he knows. It's a daily battle, but my refusals to entertain his "unhs" are slowly making him use his communication skills. I probably utter, "What do we say to get mama's attention?" at least a dozen times a day. Eventually and sometimes quickly, he quits his "unhs" and obliges me with "mama, mama," which always garners my full attention.

He still laughs a lot, especially when he hears other people laughing. He's ticklish like Mr. Morgan, so I frequently give him "tickle attacks." (Mr. Morgan doesn't take kindly to such attacks, however.) I love to hear Hamilton's laugh because it's so contagious, making me smile and laugh just at hearing it.

Though Hamilton has many toys, he enjoys pushing my bowling-ball bag or dragging it around by the handle. Lately he's started lying on top of it, and sometimes he looks like he's stuck there because his hands and feet aren't touching the ground. But he's not stuck; he'll eventually squirm his way off and then laugh at his antics.

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