August 8, 2010


Our dear friends the Johnsons bought a family membership to the Aquarium, and Christie so sweetly invited Hardee, me, and our kids to visit using their buddy passes. Two weeks ago we met downtown for a morning visit to the Aquarium. Grady and Arthur were both walking, and Hamilton tried to keep up with his quick crawling. Since we'd recently taken Claire to the Aquarium, she was eager to go back to see her favorite exhibits.
One of the best spots in the Aquarium was the old boat made into a play area. Our little bookworm spent the first several minutes reading the literature provided.
Hamilton's crawling took him head first off the ledge of the boat.
Grady, who's the strongest walker, enjoyed exploring the boat and navigational system.Not to be outdone, Arthur "helped" Grady move out of his way, so Arthur could study the navigational system. Hamilton, the innocent crawler, made a fantastic stumbling device.
Even Claire enjoyed exploring the boat's navigational controls.
Supermom Hardee swoops in to help untangle the boys.
The boys loved staring at all the different fish in the giant fish tanks. Some of the tanks had ledges which were perfect for the one-year-olds.
Staring at himself while looking for fish was also part of the appeal for Hamilton.
This replica made a great drum for Grady and Hamilton's impromptu concert.


  1. I expect lots of extra blog traffic from your avid, dedicated, not-a-blog readers who are dying to see the little redhead featured here.