January 20, 2011


Since the croup incident early Sunday morning, Hamilton seemed to get better for two days then developed a nasty cold that has kept us from the company of all friends. While we haven't been exactly housebound--I've been running errands and grocery shopping, we haven't seen any friends or done our normal, fun activities this week. Then today I woke up not feeling well, so I guess all the sweet kisses from Hamilton have passed some germs to me.

I'm amazed at how sad, lonely, and disappointed I've felt all week knowing I'm missing out on opportunities to see friends whom I love at writers' group, community group, and women's Bible study. I've also been up during the night with Hamilton more this last week than any other time during his life after he began sleeping through the night. My lack of solid sleep and companionship outside my family has affected my attitude and outlook for much of the week, and I've felt worn down and sluggish. But the Lord's provision for our lives encompasses even seemingly small events which can have a big impact: I received sweet messages from friends earlier today that lifted my spirits and reminded me how wonderfully the church can minister to my heart.

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