January 6, 2011

His Robe

As promised, here are pictures of Hamilton in his oh-so-cute robe. After Mr. Morgan bathed him tonight, he brought Hamilton downstairs for playtime and a photo shoot with my new camera that captured 117 shots in less than five minutes. I'm still learning how to use the camera, but I thought these shots turned out well.
The hood makes the robe even sweeter-looking.


  1. I just love the robe! Where did you get it?

  2. Hurray for new camera's too. I just got a new one this past year as well, and am having SO much fun figuring it all out.

  3. Kathryn,
    The robe was a hand-me-down from one of Mr. Morgan's coworkers. His coworker and wife have been so good to us, passing down tons of furniture, a little Patagonia fleece, and various other rooms accessories. The robe is not something I would have bought for Hamilton myself, so it was so fun to get it for free!

  4. noooo... so cute, Gray! so very cute! that robe!

    ps. hahahaha! isn't that blog award thing hillarious! i think its kinda funny! but whatever! :D i'll be a sport!

  5. Very cute! And I have serious camera envy! You will l-o-v-e it!

  6. Brantley, thanks for your camera advice! We looked at the difference in price between the 3000 (without HD video) and the 3100 (with HD video), and we decided it was definitely worth the extra money. And, you had suggested it too.

    Mr. Morgan ordered an HDMI adpater which arrvied today, so now we can watch the videos on our TV. Hamilton LOVES watching himself; all he does is laugh at himself!