July 11, 2010

Taylor Family Vacation

Because Dale and Deb had a wedding to attend in Townsend, Tenn., we planned a family vacation in the mountains. With heavy traffic on I-40, we arrived just in time for them to make the reception. We Morgans and Travis unpacked our bags at our cabin and relaxed for a few hours after our long drive. The boys enjoyed a favorite, afternoon snack: Mr. Morgan's Cape Cod chips and Hamilton's Cheerios and Yogurt Melts.
On Sunday we attended a local PCA church that I'd found before we left. Hamilton was the only baby in the nursery, and the volunteers seemed overjoyed to have a little one. After Hamilton's nap, we headed to Gatlinburg, which was normally a 30-minute drive that the holiday-weekend traffic extended into over an hour.

We ate dinner creekside, and then we did some shopping, people-watching, and walking. Claire thought Gatlinburg--with all its spectacle--was fantastic. I was happy to find some banjo street-music for Mr. Morgan to enjoy, especially since he was enduring so many things he dreads: hot and humid weather, crowded streets, and walking for entertainment.
Since the public fireworks started WAY too late for our little ones, Claire contented herself with some sparklers that Pops had saved for her since a wedding he'd attended in April--what a sweetie!

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