July 14, 2010

Hello, Dollywood!

We arrived in the Dollywood parking lot about 9:30 am on Tuesday ready for a day of fun. Hamilton doesn't know it yet, but he's going to love Dollywood.
Claire and Mr. Morgan enjoyed this ride because they got to battle spectators using water guns. They, of course, were soaked when they finished this ride.We had gorgeous weather for our day at the amusement park. Claire hadn't known what to expect before we arrived, but she thought Dollywood was the best place on earth. We kept hearing from her all day, "This is the best day EVER! Thank you so much for bringing me! When we come back next year..."
We saw the Gazillion Bubble Show, which Claire and Hamilton both loved. Claire had read about the "bubble scientist" in her Highlights magazine. After the show she was so eager to meet him, so I encouraged her to walk to the stage to talk to the bubble guy. She spoke briefly to him, telling him that she'd read about him in her magazine. Meeting him was just as cool to Claire as watching the bubble show. She remarked, "I can't believe I've met somebody famous!" Hamilton also loved the show because the spectacle was so incredible. He got so excited, clapping his hands, dancing around, and smiling his big grin.
We went on several roller coasters because Claire was tall enough for all of them. I don't care for spinning rides usually, so I sat this one out. Claire loved this ride, though she and Mr. Morgan didn't get soaked like some riders.
Hamilton was such a trooper most of the day, though being in the heat and napping only in the stroller wore him out.
While Claire and Uncle Travis were off doing an obstacle course, we put Hamilton in a swim diaper and let him crawl around in the kids' area.The refreshing water helped revive him, and he loved splashing around in the puddles. The softer surface made crawling bearable, so he got lots of good exercise.

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