February 2, 2011

Toddler Cove

On Monday morning Hamilton and I ventured to the aquarium with our neighbors Kristin and Logan, her 17-month-old son. The sky was overcast, and it was sprinkling. But we were not deterred, since most of the aquarium exhibits are indoors. We arrived just after 9:30, and the ticket collector told us we could explore the newest exhibit--Toddler Cove. We didn't think it was opening until Tuesday, so we were pleasantly surprised to see it early. It was media day, so Hamilton and Logan had many pictures taken of them by the photographer from The Post and Courier. We'll see if they made the paper next Thursday when the story comes out.
Our toddlers loved Toddler Cove, especially the brightly colored fish tanks.
Hamilton and Logan enjoyed the open-topped fish tanks, as they both kept sneaking their fingers into the water despite our warnings.
We visited the touch tank which is usually so crowded with older kids, but today we had the place to ourselves. Hamilton loved shaking all the water out of the shells, and the aquarium staffer enjoyed watching him continue to ask for more shells.
We watched the dive show in the huge tank at the end of our visit, and Hamilton was mesmerized by the divers' feeding the fish and the fishes' swarming around the divers. We finished our morning with lunch at a local deli, and both boys were asleep within minutes of strapping them in the car for the ride home.

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