June 28, 2010

Wild, Big Frog

Abby Koch often declares that she's not "Abby" or a "big sister" but that she's a "wild, big frog," so Tiffany threw her a frog-themed birthday party. Tiffany made these super-cute cupcakes herself!
Here's the birthday girl enjoying one of many cupcakes with her Granny G and Papa Doug.
And then here's Arthur crawling up to their feet begging for some scraps of cupcake.
Christie and Lisa enjoy frog-green punch and ice cream, and Matthew gets some creamy deliciousness too.Arthur and Hamilton played sweetly together on the floor during most of the party. They thoroughly enjoyed Abby's play kitchen with all its play food and dishes.Matthew will be two years old in August, but his size difference is much less noticeable now than even just a few months ago. Matthew got in on the fun with the play food.Toward the end of the party, we attempted to get all the kids together for a picture. A few children had left already, but after several failed attempts we finally had all the kids sitting in the same vicinity.

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