June 20, 2010

New Look

Since I'm trying to motivate myself to blog more, I decided to try out a new template for Morgan Adventures. I really enjoyed Blogger's new template designer. There were many choices for backgrounds and layouts, font colors and types. I tried to keep it simple but new; hopefully my designer brother approves.


  1. I'm not too impressed with the new format. It's not as easy to read since its spread out more on the page--and the background is rather blah. Loved the Sunday picture, though. And of course, I love you.

  2. Mom, I'm not really sure what you mean by "spread out more on the page" unless your browser is displaying the new template differently from mine. The actual blog posts should be taking up the same amount of space on the page as before. And, I tried other less "blah" backgrounds, but they seemed too busy and distracting to me. Let's see what Travis thinks...