June 20, 2010

Hamilton's Baptism

Mimi made Hamilton the sweetest, christening gown. He looked so angelic.We gave him a much-needed haircut yesterday in preparation for his baptism. We trimmed a little off the sides and an inch or so off the back. Hamilton had been veering into mullet territory, so I used his baptism as impetus to give him a proper haircut.I was a little concerned that he'd be too squirmy during the first part of the worship service to be down front with all the family. However, Hamilton surprised me getting out most of his fidgeting before the service started. He was relatively immobile after we put his gown on him because it was so long and cumbersome for cruising. Once the service started, he calmly sat in my lap and stayed in my arms during the music. He was mesmerized by the drums and guitar during most of the songs, not taking his eyes away from the musicians. Several times he displayed his affinity for talking and noise-making, but I popped in his pacifier, which usually helped tone down the racket. Our family filled two rows almost. Spencer and Travis sat behind the rest of us: (from left) Mr. Morgan holding Hamilton, Claire, Dad, Mom, and Judy. We were hoping Grandma would come, but her knee had been hurting her for several days. She needed to rest, so we promised to take some pictures for her.I put Travis in charge of taking a picture and video while we were up front with Hamilton. Due to operator error, we have only the last few seconds of Hamilton's literal baptism. Hamilton behaved during the first part when Pastor Craig talked, and he didn't seem to mind the water too much when Craig was baptizing him in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The short video picks up right after "Holy Spirit."

When Craig finished, Hamilton gave him the biggest smile as if on cue, which is why the congregation laughed.

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