June 9, 2010

A Tony

On Sunday my "actor friends" Drew and Lindsey Archer came for lunch. I met them years ago when they first started coming to Redeemer. Then after ten months they moved to New York City to pursue the stage! Well, last fall they moved back, and it's sadly taken this long to get us all together to catch up. They knew me pre-Mr. Morgan, Claire, and Hamilton, so we had lots of catching up to do.

During lunch we talked about different plays in which they were performing this fall, Lindsey's recent audition for an "industrial film," i.e. corporate how-tos and HR videos, and their favorite shows they were able to see on Broadway. Since Claire loves drama and she'd recently been in her school's May Day play, I was excited for Claire to meet real actors.

On Monday morning Claire asked, "Gray, what's a 'Tony'?"

I smiled at Claire's question, thinking Drew and Lindsey must have made a big impression on her. "A 'Tony' is a special award given to people in plays and people involved with theater productions."

"Well, do they have one for girls?"

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