June 9, 2010

Riverfront Park

Tuesday morning Hamilton and I met several other moms and kids at North Charleston's Riverfront Park. Hamilton loved playing in the fountains of water, and I had fun picnicking in the shade with the other moms.
Since Hamilton loves water, he thought the fountains were great fun. The height of each fountain, however, changed without notice, so several times he took a direct shot of water to the face. He's able to stand now by himself just long enough for me to snap a picture; it's so cute to see him balance himself with his arms. Hamilton and Grady also enjoyed sitting near the water. Grady was "semi-sharing" his Cheerios with Hamilton.
I mean, Grady didn't mind if Hamilton ate any Cheerios that fell on the pavement--Hamilton didn't mind either.
Abby Koch was also at the park with her mom and new little brother. She loved jumping in the cold fountains, and with so many other kids it felt like a party.
Matthew Christian played in the water too, though in typical boy fashion he enjoyed having the fountain hit him in the pants.

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  1. Hamilton is soooo cute standing up by himself!