June 5, 2010

Day at the Beach

Thursday was Claire's last day of fourth grade, and Mimi came down that morning to visit the kids. We picked up Claire at the end of her half-day and headed to the beach. Hamilton LOVED the beach and the ocean.
We sat him in the surf, letting the little waves rush over him. Claire enjoyed burying Hamilton's feet in the sand and dripping watery sand on him.After a long play in the surf, we took Hamilton back to our shady spot under the umbrella. He continued to try to crawl off the quilt and into the sand. He's still learning to crawl, and he balances himself by resting his head on the ground, which I think looks so funny.
After several hours, Hamilton was tired and ready for his afternoon nap. We decided we'd make our exit from the beach before he got more worked up. (His pacifer is attached to his hat in an attempt to keep it out of the sand once it drops from his mouth.) We washed and rinsed him off in the outdoor showers before putting clean clothes on him for the ride home. He was snoozing before we even left the Isle of Palms.

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