June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I knew my wonderful husband to be a great father long before little Hamilton came along. Sweet Claire knows him to be a great father, too. His unselfish love and devotion to Claire was one of the things that attracted me to him when we were dating. Sunday he looked so dapper in his three-piece suit, which he wore to celebrate Hamilton's baptism.I was happy to spend father's day with my daddy, who has been a most kind and generous father to us kids. He's super smart about most everything, hard-working, and only persnickety about endearing things--like Blue Bell ice cream, real Coke, and squash casserole without any zucchini. As a special treat, we made him his favorite dessert Boston cream pie, which he so graciously also allowed everyone else to eat. We hosted 17 people for lunch on Sunday after church between our families and a few friends. It was chaotic and a little crowded, but I loved it. We ate lots of food and dessert, then we chatted and drank coffee all afternoon. After Hamilton's nap, he enjoyed opening his baptism gift from David--a new Eric Carle book! Earlier before we let the children out of their fine clothes, we had a short photo shoot despite the oppressive heat. Mimi's a great seamstress, making Hamilton's christening gown, his HTM outfit, and Claire's new dress. The kiddos looked so sweet posing for pictures in the backyard.

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