May 24, 2010

May Day

Last Friday Claire's school put on a May Day celebration for parents and some distinguished members of the community. Claire's been participating every year in May Day, and we've always attended the show. However, this year she was actually one of the actors on stage, instead of just a singer, in the Revolutionary War-based performance titled Why America Is Free.

She practiced and rehearsed her lines so much that Mr. Morgan and I had almost memorized them. Her few lines were easily the funniest in the performance, and Claire delivered them flawlessly, delighting the crowd and making us so proud of her. She looked so cute in her costume!
In this scene, Claire and some other fourth-grade girls sat in front of the stage busying themselves with sewing and knitting, skills girls were taught to help them attract mates.
Here's Claire delivering her line, "Why do I have to learn how to attract a husband--I don't even want one!"
I was impressed at the American-exceptionalism theme, which sometimes fades in the light of political correctness nowadays (or maybe I've been listening to Glenn Beck too much). Mimi and Pops came down for the show, and they were thoroughly impressed. After the performance, we enjoyed a celebratory lunch together.

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