March 1, 2011


This past weekend Mr. Morgan and Claire took her new mountain bike to a fun trail in nearby Greenwood. When they came back, Mr. Morgan told us that he'd had a bit of a crash and had injured his ribs. Well, three days later he finally went to the doctor after the roughest night by far for both of us. The poor babe has a fractured rib! His full recovery is four-six weeks away, which is right before the baby is born. So just as my belly is getting bigger making moving, bending, and hauling more difficult, he gets an injury making him need help moving, bending, and hauling!


  1. Did you hear it straight from the doctor, or did he just TELL you that he was injured? Are you sure he's not using that as an excuse not to do all of the moving, bending, and hauling? (Just kidding!)

    I think I'll stick to Zumba... less likely to break a rib doing that than Mr. Morgan's extreme sports! :-D

  2. Since I didn't take him to the doctor, I'm taking Mr. Morgan's word for it. :) But he's forgoing a ride in Columbia this weekend because of the injury and doctor's orders, so I think it's legit.

  3. What trail in Greenwood? -jeff

  4. Jeff,
    It's the Long Cane Creek trail.