February 27, 2011

Short Weekend

This weekend seemed so short now that we're back at home. Maybe it was the hours of wretching I did before, during, and after our extra-long, blur-of-a-trip to Mountville. Thank you, stomach bug. I am thankful, though, that no one else in the family has yet to get sick, and I was only feeling bad for Friday afternoon and evening. Though the trip was rough, having Mom and Dad to help us with the kids while I was lying in the bed made me thankful we'd made the trip. (And, after being packed up, excited, and ready for a weekend at the farm with Mimi and Pops, how could I say to the kids and Mr. Morgan, "We can't go now; I'm sick." That just would not do.)
By Saturday I was feeling much better, and I ventured out to the garden that Dad has expanded this year to include more grapevines and blueberries. We all spent much of the morning there. Claire enjoyed helping Pops stake the small grapevines in the new part of the garden.
Hamilton expended most of his energy on walking around and falling down on the uneven, ploughed earth. His little feet were no match for the tilled land.
He got frustrated often when walking, but he enjoyed playing inside and around the garden house, which had firmer ground surrounding it.
My usually-grinning son will not smile for my camera nowadays. He does, however, say "cheese" when we prompt him for a picture. Hence, the puckered lips below.

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