March 23, 2011

My Surprise

Well, Saturday was the day I felt the best which was fortunate since Mr. Morgan and I had an evening out planned. Since it's taken me so long to post details, I've had several friends and blog readers eagerly ask me what the surprise was.

Phase one was dinner out in Mt. Pleasant at a delicious, fancy restaurant. Phase two was a play at The Village Playhouse. Mr. Morgan knows I love the theater, and our actor-friend Lindsey was performing in this political drama. I loved the play, and the political story with its plotting twists are right up my alley. This play has garnered lots of attention, since The Village Playhouse showed its South-Carolina debut and George Clooney is directing the movie set to open this fall. It was a great night out with my sweet husband who planned and executed the whole night!

Sadly, I went back to feeling bad on Sunday with tons of coughing thrown in. After sleeping poorly that night, Monday morning I went to see a doctor who thinks I have viral bronchitis. He's waiting for lab results to be sure, so I'm just treating a few symptoms this week but still feeling bad. Of course, it's not the worst, and I'm still able to function; however, I've had lots of extra things this week, so blogging time has gotten pushed now for several days.


  1. You didn't tell us what you had to eat at this fancy restaurant.

  2. I enjoyed wild quail and venison sausage over cheese grits. Mr. Morgan ordered red snapper with mashed potatoes and green beans. Both were so good!

  3. I've been so sick with bronchitis, too. I'm on my second round of antibiotics, and I have an inhaler, cough syrup and steroids to get over it. I've been sick almost 3 weeks. I hope you feel better. I couldn't imagine being pregnant and this sick.

  4. Thanks again for coming to the show!! Hope you are feeling better.