March 28, 2011

Bright Spot

After three hours spent last night at urgent care with Hamilton, the doctor determined he most likely has the same bacterial infection (misnamed H-flu) that I was finally diagnosed with on Friday last week. Now we're both on the same antibiotics. He had a fever of 102.6 last night which prompted our visit to urgent care, and he had a rough night of sleeping. Most of today he acted like he felt bad, whining, crying, and needing lots of extra attention.

Mr. Morgan came home for lunch, which Hamilton always enjoys, and Hamilton perked up a bit. While eating in his highchair, Hamilton lined up his squares of cheese with no prompting from me. I really didn't notice until he started clapping for himself.
He then clapped for himself multiple times like he'd really accomplished something, so I had to snap a picture of his happy face.
He did seem to feel better tonight around dinner time, so I'm hoping we'll both have a smoother, less-interrupted night of sleeping. Claire went to bed early tonight because she wasn't feeling well, but her symptoms are not the same as ours. I'm hoping with some good sleep she'll feel bright and chipper in the morning.


  1. He gets the lining up his food thing from Pops.

  2. I concur with the above comment

  3. Cute baby. I really feel very bad personally when children gets sick.

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    Take care of your cutie pie.