March 13, 2011

Baby Shower

Saturday morning several women from church hosted a baby shower for moms with multiple kids. I was one of the honorees, though I was the only pregnant one. The other two moms have had their second and fourth children in the last six months. Gathering with other women and moms to pray for our children and shower blessings on our families is a special tradition at our church. I've been attending these showers of blessings since I was a lonely college graduate trying to find a job; they've all been so encouraging to me even when I didn't have any kids.

My dear friend Christy hosted the special shower at her house, and she has such a fun eye for decorating and entertaining. The women in attendance wrote each of the moms a note of encouragement, and some of the veteran moms included sage advice.
I appreciate the experiences and encouragement that the other moms lovingly share, especially their go-to passages of Scripture.
The brunch is always delicious with many women contributing. Christy made these incredible cupcakes, and I was able to take a few extras home under the guise of sharing with my family. Alas, I did share them, but I also took enough for me to enjoy.
Many friends came to celebrate with us, and we sipped coffee for much of the morning and into the afternoon.

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