March 23, 2011

Sunday at the Park

Since Hamilton spent the weekend at the farm, Mr. Morgan and I met Mom and Dad in Columbia on Sunday afternoon to collect him. We enjoyed lunch with Travis and his girlfriend Jess at a delicious deli downtown. Then we spent a little time at a park, so Hamilton could run around and play before getting back in the car to head home.
Hamilton was thrilled about this little car at first, as he excitedly kept saying, "Cah, cah," as we put him on it. Once he realized it didn't go anywhere but only bounced a bit, he quickly tired of it.
He enjoyed this swinging bridge the most, running back and forth on it for a long time.
Though he didn't seem too keen on swinging at first, Mimi made the swings look like such fun. Hamilton eventually gave in.
Hamilton was a bit tentative in the swing, despite Mr. Morgan's reassuring presence and help.
Jess and Travis cozied up on a park bench.

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