March 8, 2011

Twenty Months Old

Saturday Hamilton turned 20 months old, so an update is due. His newest, sweetest thing is singing. Sometimes he sings to himself; and when I sing to him, he waits until I stop then he begins with his sweet, soft voice. He doesn't use any words yet that I recognize, but he seems to know what he's singing.
We've also started Kindermusik which involves lots of music, singing, and movement. Hamilton has several friends also participating in our Kindermusik class, and I've enjoyed participating with him each week (though all the up and down is a workout for this pregnant mama). During today's class, Hamilton heard a train going by. He immediately ran to the window to see the train. I coaxed him back to the activity the group was doing, but he continued trying to slip back to the window to see the train. When he made it back to the window again, the train was gone. He turned back to me, threw his hands out by his side with his palms up, and said, "Choo-choo?"

Hamilton's back to reading books in a big way. He brings books to me several times a day no matter what I'm doing and says, "Buh, buh." He loves to sit in Mr. Morgan's recliner and read books with me or by himself. He also enjoys sitting in the glider in his room with his books. His favorites right now are Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Go, Dog, Go.
We're still saying prayers before bed, and Hamilton still interrupts with prayers of his own; however, sometimes he "prays" using words we recognize, like "Mimi and Pah." At the dinner table, he knows the blessing is coming after we pull his highchair up to the table, so he reaches out his hands to Mr. Morgan and me for the blessing without our prompting him.

Hamilton loves watching "choo-choo" on the television, but he doesn't ask for it yet. Hopefully he's not watching that much. He just gets excited if I ask him if he wants to watch Thomas the train.

His favorite activity before dinner is to wash his hands--because he gets to use the step stool. He says, "tool, tool," and happily helps me get the stool out to use at the kitchen sink. He also helps push up his sleeves before reaching for the water. His newest sign is "thank you," which he's using sometimes without being prompted. His newest word is "poo" which he says when he holds his diaper. Occasionally, he's right about having "poo" in his diaper.

Hamilton's steadily outgrowing his clothes, and his pant legs are getting shorter. He's the tallest of all his little friends. I'll measure his height soon, especially since the nurse didn't do it at his 18-months checkup.


  1. He so cute! and congrats on the new baby in case I haven't told you before! You should take him to ride the train in Bryson City, NC.

  2. Is West not one of Ham's "little friends"?

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  4. Hamilton would LOVE to ride the train! I'm sure Pops would too, so maybe he'll take the little one sometime. I'll have to keep that in mind the next time we're up that way. He'd really just love to go see a train chugging down the tracks.

  5. I guess I was just thinking of his "little friends" that are his age. I'm sure West is taller, especially since he's 3 months older. :)

    Hamilton is taller than Grady, Arthur, and our neighbor Logan (who's a month younger). Guess I should have said, "...taller than all his little friends except West," because of course West is his little friend! Though Hamilton can't say his name yet, he does recognize West's picture when he sees his friends from school on our refrigerator. He loves looking at that cute class picture from October.