March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday

Today is my beloved brother's birthday, and I can't believe my little brother is 29! We visited with him on Saturday as we helped him move out of his cute house that he's been in for the last six years. He's moving into a trendy apartment complex in downtown Columbia, and he'll be able to walk to work, which I think sounds so cool.
Mr. Morgan, Hamilton, and I got on the road early Saturday morning, so we could help him pack and transport his stuff to a storage unit. Moving and watching Hamilton separately can be tiring tasks, but after a day of doing both we were completely exhausted! Here Mimi is corralling Hamilton back into Travis's yard after he attempted an escape after helping dump trash in the can.
Dad and Travis are removing the coat rack off the wall. Because Dad always wears a hat that looks similar in style to this one, Hamilton says, "Pah," everytime he sees the picture of John Wayne that we use as decoration in his cowboy room. I think Dad likes that comparison.
I was a little sad to think of Travis's moving out of his little house that he's improved so much. He had so many cool elements to his house, like this world map that he wallpapered to the wall in his living room. 
His red-and-black-accented kitchen was fun; I hope the new owner appreciates his taste for design. 
It took all day to pack and make several trips to the storage unit and thrift store.
His birthday celebration was during our late supper; but it was hardly adequate, though the homemade, banana-pudding ice cream was delicious. Hopefully he sees the moving and packing help as a good-enough birthday celebration. I'm sure we'll be back in Columbia in a few weeks to help him move into his apartment. So happy birthday to the best brother ever!

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