March 25, 2011

Hamilton's Trike-A-Thon

On your mark...
get set...
And he's off!
Hamilton led the pack of toddlers through the parking lot. He impressed everyone with his scootin' and zoomin' skills, but he's had many months of practice. The wide-open space of the parking lot made Hamilton eager to zoom at top speed. Then the parking lot became chaotic and crowded with tricycles.
Here's a video of what most of the event was like; Hamilton even pauses for his favorite teacher to snap a few pictures.
Hamilton admired many of the other rides during the trike-a-thon--even this grandma's wheelchair.
The mayhem caused a few accidents, but no tears resulted.
After taking over 200 shots in just 15 minutes, I finally got some pictures of Hamilton's face while he was riding his scoot 'n' zoom. Sometimes it was hard to keep up with him because he's gotten so fast and can turn on a dime!
Because of your generous support, Hamilton reached his goal for the trike-a-thon by raising $105! He was the fourth-highest fundraiser in the whole school! Thank you for your donations and your support of our little scoot 'n' zoomer!

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