December 8, 2010

A Truck

This morning Hamilton and I ran some errands, but his silver lining to time spent in the car is seeing trucks. I've been trying to tell you he's obsessed.


  1. Too cute! I forwarded a link to Kelly Walker so she can see some of the cuteness she should look forward to with her own in-utero boy. :-)

    Please tell me you weren't turned around in your seat while you were taking the video, though! That's an awful long time to take your eyes off of the road! (The camera was framed perfectly, which is why I even ask....)

  2. Whoops! Kelsey was still logged in on my machine. That comment was actually from David!

  3. No, I did not take this video while driving along! :) We were stopped the whole time at a stoplight; the truck was stopped in the lane beside us.