December 18, 2010

December 18

Claire has been busy the last two days wrapping quart-sized bags of shelled pecans to give as gifts to her teachers, piano instructor, play directors, and favorite Chick-fil-A cashier. She and Pops picked over a hundred pounds of pecans during Thanksgiving weekend, and they shelled the nuts last weekend when Mimi and Pops visited us. Claire has been excited to give away the gift bags, and she created sweet cards for each one.


  1. How thoughtful of her to remember her favorite Chick-fil-A cashier. :)

  2. Wow! You guys have pecan trees? I'm SO jealous! I just paid $14 for 2 lbs of pecans at Sam's Club to use in stuff I bring into work at Atlas.

    As a kid in jr. high school in California, I walked home past a house with an apple tree. I'd nick an apple or two a week when they were in season, and remember thinking that I'd for-sure have a fruit tree when I owned a home. Then we bought our house on the pond in Summerville, and can't put in any fruit trees because of the high water table! (A 3'-deep hole will fill with water in an hour or two.)

  3. The pecan trees are not at our house, but they're at my parents' church. So all church members go and pick up pecans for free. Claire and my dad did that over Thanksgiving for hours. They both had a great time, and they got TONS of pecans!