December 7, 2010

Seventeen Months Old

Hamilton was 17 months old on Sunday. His vocabulary has increased in the last month, saying some new words with much clarity for a one-year-old, including "outside," "shoe," "Sissy," "no," "Mimi," "a truck," "please," and "baby." He says other words too, but they don't sound as similar to their correct names. He says "a choo" for choo-choo train, "gunka" for pumpkin, "ots" for socks, and "dede" for belly.

He still only has six teeth, but they are growing and making him look like a big boy. I've also recently given him a short haircut that makes him look older too. I'm still dressing him in little-boy clothes, though, especially for the Christmas season. This short-pants outfit with knee socks has the three wise men and the shepherds worshiping baby Jesus smocked on the front. Hamilton pointed at the babe in the manger the first time I put it on him and said, "dada," meaning dog. I assured him that though the brown hay made the baby look like a dog, he was indeed not. Once I confirmed "baby" instead, Hamilton caught on too.
Hamilton still loves to play outside, though this cold streak has limited our outdoor time. He's still obsessed with trucks, music, and dancing. We're still attending the library's story time every other week and checking out half a dozen new books at each visit. He enjoys reading by himself in his room or in the car, and only sometimes does he sit still long enough for me to get through reading a book to him. Naturally, he LOVES books with trucks, trains, or tractors. He turns right to those pages and says over and over again, "a truh, a truh." Just in the last few days he's added the indefinite article to his favorite word.

Hamilton is still a good eater, though now he recognizes food by sight. He always wants sweet potatoes, cheese, or bread first. I have to "hide" those foods at first, so he'll eat other things before he's not hungry anymore.

He's been walking for four months now, and I was noticing today that he's much better at it. He has better balance and control, and he can go much faster (almost running) if he wants to. He crawls up and down the stairs so well now that we let him go up and down as he pleases (for the most part).

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