December 30, 2010

Holiday Festival of Lights

Last night we drove to James Island to see the Christmas lights at the county park. We saw a few light displays on the way into the park, and we stopped in Santa's Village to see the other festive attractions. We rode the carousel first, about which Claire was super excited. Hamilton was a little uneasy at first, especially since the horse we chose moved up and down as it went around. I held onto him tightly so he'd feel safe, and he seemed to like it by the end.
Hamilton's favorite light display was the big firetruck to which he could stand close. There were even buttons controlling the lights where Hamilton could make the "water" come out of the firehose
The highlight of our time in Santa's Village was the 10-minute train ride through many of the light displays. Claire sat in the back of our train car with Grandma Judy and Papa Joe.
Hamilton sat between Mr. Morgan and me, and he kept saying "whoo-whoo" the whole train ride.
The "engine" of our train, which pulled golf-cart-like cars, didn't have a train whistle, but the driver did ring a bell that sounded authentic. Hamilton enjoyed the "a-choo" ride despite the cold.

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