December 28, 2010

Christmas with Claire

Claire came back to our house on Monday, so she, of course, immediately asked when we'd be opening presents. We opened gifts that night--after making Claire wait all day. Claire has been most excited about the hot-pink Snuggie we gave her. She'd been asking for the "blanket with sleeves" for several weeks, and she's hardly taken it off since she opened it. I've decided Claire really would like a house-coat because she likes to wear the Snuggie as if it's clothing and not just an improved blanket. Sadly, I don't think they make old-lady-style house-coats for children.
This particular Snuggie also came with fuzzy socks. Claire said they were the first socks she'd seen with grippers on the bottoms. I'm not sure how it's possible she's never seen non-slip socks before, but so it goes with Claire.
Hamilton remembered the excitement of opening gifts from a few days prior, so he was eager to help Sissy open her presents. With no toys for him inside the wrapped packages, Hamilton improvised with the empty box.
He walked around for several minutes with the box on his head, peeking every few steps to see where he was going.

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