December 3, 2010


Mr. Morgan emailed me this story about his morning adventure with Claire.
As we were driving to Chick-fil-A this morning, I noticed Claire leaning over in her seat from the back to see something in the front. I asked her what she was looking at, and she said, “I want to see when the GPS changes to white.” (The GPS changes from night colors to day colors based on the sunrise time.)
I told her that it probably wouldn’t change until after we had breakfast at Chick-fil-A since it was still early. I offered to let her hold the GPS on the drive, and she gladly agreed. When we arrived, she handed me the GPS. I asked her, “Do you know what ‘GPS’ stands for?”
She replied, “God’s Personal Satellite?”
I laughed and said, “No, Global Positioning System. It tells you your position on the globe.”
She said, “Ohhhhh. But couldn’t it be God’s Personal Satellite?”
I said it probably could, so we could go inside to eat.

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