December 18, 2010

December 17

At our post-dinner partying, Christie offered 50 bucks to whoever would jump off her deck into cold Palmetto Lake. Alex immediately jumped on that offer, surprising Christie and the rest of us. Once he donned a borrowed swimsuit and towel, he began to have second thoughts. Here's dry Alex before he heads out into the cold, night air.
Alex surveyed the dark water below as Flip, the man of the house, gave instructions for how to jump and avoid debris in the water. The rest of us (minus Amanda, his supportive wife) gathered on the deck for moral support and the countdown.
Motivated by quick and easy cash, Alex plunged into the frigid water and quickly returned to the deck amid our cheers and high-fives. Five minutes later he was enjoying a hot shower in the Johnsons' guest bathroom.

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